Joga on the Indian Coast

Africa can be very spiritual places.


Joga exercises on the Indian Coast in Zanzibar is a great experience. You can really feel the nature, the smell of the ocean and the beauty of the entire place.


Travelling to Africa, Zanzibar was one of the best things that happened in my life and I am so grateful!


Check my African vibes on my blog:

Let’s start preparation for Zanzibar

Malaria and malaron

Vaccines for Tanzania

Passport and Visa. A millionaire in a day.

Mr Faustin from Zanzibar, Africa

What to see in Zanzibar:

Prison Island

Stone town

Blue safari in Indian ocean

Jambiani beach

Spice tour in Zanzibar

African doors against elephants

Stay cool and keep traveling!





Stay fit every day!

This is a part of me I didn’t show before. I have been playing handball for 12 years. I love workouts! I have been dancing for 2 years and a half Latin dances. I go to Zumba classes, Kango Jumps, aerobics. I usually swim once per week.


No matter how much work I have or how busy I feel I am, I do have time for my body. It is an excuse when people say they are too busy to go to the gym. The truth is they prioritize other things but not their own body.

In my life, I have been training different sports and I am always motivated to stay fit, to have time for myself, to refresh my mind. Even if there is no time to go in a class or in the gym, I can do some exercise at home! Now when the winter is coming on the side of the Planet I am, I start with home workouts. Together with my puppy. He helps me to push myself and it is really funny!

I train, he sleeps

When I am traveling I stay fit and practice exercise at the hotel, sometimes I am taking really long walks – easy-burn-calories.

Nice walk in Stone Town, Zanzibar, Africa

I am a big fan of Kayla Itsines and her amazing exercise. Click on her name and check her facebook page. She is super hot and her workout programs are quite hard. When I am traveling I can easily train for 27 minutes.


Another gorgeous Lady from FITNESINSTRUCTOR.She is Rumi – find her facebook page HERE. She is from Bulgaria and she can give you valuable tips how stay fit no matter where you are, how often you are traveling, how busy you are at work.


This is my secret to enjoying LIFE. Especially when you are traveling you should take care of your body because you change the place you live, you taste different types of food and drinks. This can be very stressful. Even 15 minutes workouts are enough!

Next time when you pack your luggage put your sports equipment there! Enjoy Life!


Constanta – the biggest port of Romania

Constanta Destination – check it here!


It is easy to arrive at Constanta. There are many ways but from Bucurest is the easiest way, by bus. Bucurest is the capital of Romania and you can find plenty of flights arriving at Bucurest.

Constanta is a big Romanian city situated on the Black Sea. It has the biggest Romanian seaport and it is a strong water connection for Romania for centuries.

My visit here was because of Erasmus Plus Exchange Program. We were youth group of 25 people from different European countries – Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Turkey (non-European country), Greece.


I spent one really amazing day in Constanta playing “where is what”.

With my Romanian spiritual sister 

Where is the oldest building in Constanta? – The oldest building is Constanta Casino situated along The Black Sea alley in the old part of the city center. This is the most impressive building here and it’s a pure love for the architects’ eyes.


Where you can get some fun with locals? – On the Black sea alley in the old part of Constanta. Actually right where the Constanta Casino is. It is a very nice boardwalk and you can feel and smell the sea, touch the Romanian spirit and even talk with some locals.


Is there a mosque in Constanta? – Yes, part of the locals is Muslims.

Where is the best place to eat? – Tomis Harbor. It is part of the port and there are restourants and nice coffee shops.


Find one beautiful beach on the Black Sea in Constanta. – Easy! Mamaia Beach is natural and gives you a charming wide view of the sea. It is a nice place to walk, jump, relax, have a sit and just watching the water.


Constanta has many museums and I visited The Museum of National History and Archeology. It was curious to see plenty of the Romanian history, traditional clothes, and accessories. It was a mixture of Greek and Roman heritage. We found out interesting pieces and fragments from Romanian sculptors, painters, artist.

I spent one really crazy and busy day in Constanta and I loved the city. It is not so big as Bucurest but it has authentic spirit and salt taste.


It was totally worth it to visit Constanta even for a day. Actually, you don’t need to spend many days – just a weekend is enough to enjoy the city and explore the interesting places there.

I see you checking for a ticket! Let me do the same and find my next destination!


Colorful autumn in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has 4 seasons and I am so happy to live here in Sofia, Bulgaria and enjoy every one of them!


The autumn is amazing time, not too hot and not too cold. Humans always look for the balance in their life and the autumn is the greatest time to take the energy of the nature. I enjoy my everyday walks, I enjoy being with my dog in South Park in Sofia. I strongly recommend as a must to visit this beautiful park if you visit Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.


Home is the best destination for me right now, I am collecting naturally painted leaves, running between the colorful trees with my puppy and just relaxing.

IMG_20171014_094728-COLLAGE (1)

The sun gives me soft kisses and makes me feel stronger.

I love this season, it smells on mature fruits, leaves and pumpkins. Smells good, tastes good and that’s why I choose it as my favorite!


I suggest to visit Sofia during the autumn, this time of the year I find it the most beautiful!


Stay cool and keep the positive vibes!

Explore Rome in a smart and funny way

Rome is my favorite metropolitan city in Europe. The Renaissance is in the air and everything is so impressive here. The time is never enough for this amazing city.

On the roof of St Peter Basilica

But the tourists are so much! You can get mad because of the thousands of people everywhere and you can destroy your holiday while waiting on huge queue, being in a group with so many and different people, so in the end you can feel just tired and frustrated.

This article is about how to behave smart and skip the big lines, being alone in usually crowded places, how to visit all the exciting things without getting pissed off. Rome is beating in a crazy rhythm and a good time schedule is the key for amazing time and you’ll have time to feel the energy of the places and to enjoy the food and the weather.

Roman Forum

Smart time schedule for sightseeing in Rome:

1. Vatican city – Probably you read a lot about it, it is different city than Rome, located in the heart of Rome and it’s fully autonomous. It has its own lows and rules and you must follow them as a tourist if you want to go inside. Big problem here it is always very crowded, you can spend half day just waiting to go inside and you will not have enough time to explore all the museums and the gardens.

Tip 1: Buy your ticket online in advance or go in front of the main entrance and ask for a qualified guide. Otherwise there is unwritten rule you will be treated with the lowest priority on the queue. My advice is to spend a bit more money and have a guide (ticket + a guide is around 50 $) because this will make your stay in Vatican city more useful, you will learn new things in a funny interactive way and you will get more into the historical details. And you can ask whatever you want and you’ll get the answer, and this is super cool because in Vatican a lot of questions will appear! Also as a part of a group you will be treated with priority on the entrance.

Vatican symbol in the museums of Vatican city

Tip 2: For the Vatican gardens you will need to book your ticket 2-3 months in advance. Depending on how much you want to see them – think for that some months before your staying in Rome. You can see them from the roof of St Peter basilica for free.

Vatican gardens

Tip 3: Don’t be frustrated if you don’t see everything. This is mission impossible. Vatican city needs months to be discovered, so stay focused on what you see, feel the energy of the museums you will visit and enjoy Sistine Chapel.

Tip 4: Stay quite inside the Sistine Chapel. Don’t take pictures and videos – it is not allowed! Nippon Television Network Corporation of Japan owns the rights for all videos and photos and in case somebody take a photo, a fee might be registered! and when you want to leave, take the right exist which will lead you directly to St Peter Cathedral. If you take the left exist you will be back at the beginning of the museums and you will need to wait on another queue for the St Peter Cathedral.

Walking on the roof of St Peter Basilica
In the Basilica St Peter cover your shoulders and legs

Tip 5: You can have some snack with you as you will probably spend about 6 hours and inside the Vatican city there are no food places for tourist.

For Vatican city a day will be enough to be touched by the power of Art, to explore the main halls, to enjoy Sistine Chapel and St Peter.

In front of St Peter Basilica

2. Coliseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and Circus Maximus – 1 or 2 days in a row

Did you watch the movie Gladiator, if so – keep calm and wait for the moment you will start feeling as an actor in the movie. Coliseum is amazing from the outside. During the night the atmosphere turns even more to a magic. It is totally worth it to go inside and spend some nice hours exploring the past and the cruel fights that had happened.


Tip 6: Depending on your time take a guide or audo record with you. You will hear about really interesting stories which had taken place inside the Coliseum. With the audo you are a little bit more free to do whatever you want and go where you choose without waiting for all the people in the group.

Exploring Coliseum

Tip 7: The Coliseum ticket can be combined with The Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill. The ticket can be one for all these 3! And the good news are you will have 2 days to explore them with one ticket. But you can delay Coliseum for your 2nd day. With this combined ticket you have to start from The Roman Forum first!

Roman Forum

Tip 8: Take the combined ticket from Tip 7 from the entrance of the Forum which is next to the Piazza Venezia, don’t buy it from the main entrance next to the Coliseum as there the queue is much bigger. Once you enter in the Roman Forum you can reach directly from the inside The Coliseum and The Palatine Hill.

Tip 9: If you delay your visit to Coliseum for the second day – once on the queue, go in front of all people and show your ticket. It is allowed to skip the line in case you have your ticket in advance as described in Tip 7 and Tip 8.


Tip 10: Circus Maximus can be combined also during this visit. Enjoy it!

3. Spanish steps and Fontana Di Trevi

Di Trevi is always romantic but I like it more in the night!

Tip 11: These two sightseengs are in the heart of the city center of Rome. It’s better go there during the night. Of course you will pass by them many times during the day as well. During the night it is not so crowded, especially worth it for Fontana Di Trevi. Spanish steps are a good place to eat gelato and feel the Roman love in the air!

Spanish steps

4. Piazza Venezia has special place in my heart!

It is modern Piazza and personally I can say this is the most beautiful one in Rome. It is so enormous and so impressive. The building is marble and white. The view is so cool! The two fires at the entrance of the building represent Roman people always keep the fire. You can visit Piazza Venezia many times and every time it looks different.

Tip 12: Close to Piazza Venezia is the main street Corso in Rome. You can combine the visit here with a walk after that on the Corso street. And plenty of restaurants, coffees, shops and souvenirs can be found. Of course the smell of pasta, pizza and wine is everywhere!

5. Piazza Navona and The Pantheon
Two amazing places to have fun! Piazza Navona is another charming place to eat gelato, relax and enjoy the two beautiful fountains there. There are very nice restaurants but they are quite expensive.

Tip 13: If you want to eat somewhere in the city center, avoid the restaurants in front of Piazza Navona. Take some small narrow streets and find a place close to Piazza Navona but not on it. The prices will be different but the quality will stay the same.

At Piazza Navona

Tip 14: Go inside The Pantheon and enjoy the energy, take some history background and the place will be even more alive.

One of the oldest building in Rome – Pantheon. It is older than Vatican city!

6. Tiber and castle St Angelo
If you like to spend hours in museums and different castles – check St Angelo castle as well. The price is 15 EUR.
Tip 15: If you are more about the nature – spend some time in front of the castle. There is a beautiful bridge and the river Tiber is making the nature around so fresh and green. Nice chance to eat gelato or find a restaurant near the St Angelo Castle and enjoy some pasta and wine.


7. Villa Borghese and the whole Borghese gardens are a good way to spend really funny time laying on a green grass. The park is with small lakes, beautiful trees and flowers and it is so relaxing to just sit on a bench.
Tip 16: Combine the walk through Villa Borghese with a nice lunch, drink wine and be an actor/ actress of this Renaissance masterpiece. You can hire rickshaw or a bike and be active and free. Amazing way to have some fun with your friends, to burn some calories and deserve the dinner.

On the Borhese terrace there is nice view!


I believe these tips are quite helpful because they are about the most wanted to be visited places in Rome. Of course this is not the entire list of all sightseeings as there is something to be seen on every corner in Rome. But for the rest there is not so much pressure and queues.
Keep calm and enjoy Rome!






The Italian pearl Tivoli

I spent one amazing week in Rome, full of surprises and unexpected joyful moments. Rome is my favorite European metropolitan city and my heart starts beating in the rhythm of Renaissance every time I am in Rome. But this time I discover the beauty of Tivoli – just 30 km away from the crowded Rome!

It is easy to go there – a plane to Rome and then you can find one day trips to Tivoli  or just go to the train station Termini (in Rome) and in 40 minutes you will arrive in Tivoli.

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Distance Rome – Tivoli

Tovoli is a small city with narrow streets which smell on coffee and delicious bread panini. The atmosphere is charming, harmonic and you can fall in love with Tivoli from the very first moment!

It has the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen. Villa d’Este and Villa Gregoriana – the masterpiece of many centuries. Both places are beautiful gardens which represents the scientific and creative achievements of thousands famous painters, physicist, architects, sculptors, and any other kind of аrt people. There is another ancient garden Villa Adriana but it is out of the city Tivoli. It should takes 1 hour to reach it. I read amazing reviews for Villa Adriana but I could’t manage to visit it this time. Amazing excuse to come back in Tivoli !

Villa Gregoriana’s view to Tempio della Sibia
Villa Gregoriana's waterfall
Parco Villa Gregoriana

Villa Gregoriana is a funny way to spend amazing time and even to have your lunch away from the big city’s noise and vanity. It has crazy wild paths and waterfall. While walking Tempio della Sibia is wathing you from the top of the gardens. One of the ways to enter in Villa Gregoriana is from the side of Tempio della Sibia. The other way is across the bridge.


Tempo della Sibia is ancient temple from Roman times located in acropolis of Tivoli, in the province of Rome. The temple is huge and well preserved and there is a nice restaurant nearby where you can eat delicious food and enjoy the beauty of both the temple and Villa Gregoriana. The restaurant has Michelin sighs for 2017, 2016, 2015 and the food here must be tested. Unfortunately during my stay the restaurant was closed.



Villa d’Este is UNESCO World Herritage and it has been created before Christ. During the centuries many creative people has been building more and more beautiful masterpieces inside. It is very famous with its fountains. Villa d’Este is 4 hectares residential place and the best gardens to walk through! Some of the fountains are singing at fixed hours, other have light shows.

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Villa d’Este. This part of the park is dedicated to Rome city
Representing the power of Rome city in Villa d’Este
Villa d’Este is magnificent place to be!
Villa d’Este has so much art inside!
Beautiful fountain in Villa d’Este and unexpected rainbow!
This part of Villa d’Este is dedicated to Piazza Navona in Rome
Mather of Nature!


Beautiful view of one of the towers in Villa d’Este!
Crazy cave in Villa d’Este with a light night show
Some of the fountains are with monkey’s faces and all are different…


Is it romantic here?


Travel Tip: Check the opening hours for both villas and plan in advance when what. If you have a day for both villas, better to do Villa Gregoriana first because usually Villa d’Este opens in a later hour. Between the two walks a lunch can be included 🙂 Home made pasta and pizza are always the best choice.


While walking through the Tivoli’s streets searching for some souvenirs, I found Rocca Pia. Another well preserved historical sightseeing in Tivoli – the castle of the city with imposing structure and ancient architecture. The sightseeing of Tivoli can been seen from the top if you go inside. I enjoy Rocca Pia from the outside because of my time schedule. If you have experienced the Rocca Pia atmosphere from the inside, please share your excitements as comments 🙂


Arco dei Padri Costituenti is modern arc in the center of Tivoli. Perfect place for snack or gelato. From this point you can reach all sightseeings of Tivoli in 5-10 minutes, you are close to the central streets where you can eat delicious homemade pasta and drink homemade wine.


So start planning a trip to Tivoli! and don’t miss: Villa d’Este, Villa Gregoriana, Tempio della Sibia, Rocca Pia, city center and the small restaurants and bakeries. Feel the energy of Tivoli!


Many cows = a house/ an apartment + a car + a good job!

We are here on the island Zanzibar in Tanzania. We arranged everything about 6 months ago so now we can enjoy Africa! I strongly recommend to discover Africa.

On a lonely island nearby Zanzibar

Here you can find useful information what to know in advance before going in Africa, Zanzibar.

Preparation for Zanzibar – TIPS

Malaria and malarone


Passport and Visa for Tanzania

First impressions from Zanzibar. The main asphalt roads are two, some roundabouts and almost no road signs. Driving is on the left sides, UK standard. There are sand roads through the forest between the palms and the small huts of the locals.

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While passing through Jozani forest we see some unique Zanzibar red colobus monkeys. They can be seen only here! They are staring with you sometimes but actually don’t care much what happen around. Small, cute and indifferent – this is the behavior of the red colobus monkeys on the island.

Unfortunately this is a pet monkey not red colobus monkey

People here live simple and they are very poor. There are some parts with no electricity and water. But I can see some locals are driving expensive cars like jeep. Big contrast. And while some parts are so poor there are places on the island Zanzibar which take you to Paradise.

Drinking wine in Indian ocean! Cheers !

We spent our blessed time in such paradise – our hotel Coco Paradise is on Jambiani beach.



African playing game which I didn’t understand

I’ve never been in such exotic and romantic place. Here everything is perfect for the tourists – there is spa, massages, restaurants, perfect fresh ocean food, clean wide beaches and amazing stuff. Hakuna matata!


While travelling through the island I see schools and small kids dressed in tidy uniforms, the colors are white and blue.

African girl is going to school barefoot in Zanzibar

The driver of our car explains that in Tanzania the kids are going to school the whole year, there is no summer vacation, just some fests during the year. Some of the kids are going to school barefoot and this looks so natural! I love the eyes of the Zanzibar kids!

Kids playing with a bicycle
Kids on a boat ready to sail in Indian ocean
Kids playing on the beach
Me playing with kids

The richest local people in Zanzibar have many cows. This is a big sign of prosperity here.

Many cows (in Zanzibar) = a house/ an apartment + a car + a good job (in Europe)

But I think all locals are rich because of the beautiful nature on the Spice island Zanzibar.


No matter where you come from, you will be able to understand locals on the African coast because they speak very good English as England colony in the past. And some of them are ready to teach you some Swahili 🙂

The crab wonders “What are you waiting for?”

What are you waiting for? Start planning your vacation to Zanzibar, Tanzania!




Prison island (Zanzibar, Tanzania)

In the past when the ships returned to Zanzibar island, they departed here, and if the people were sicked/ deceased they stayed on the Prison island (an island in Indian ocean, Tanzania). If they were healthy and good, they went home after a quarantine period. That’s why this island is called Prison island.

Prison island looks more like Paradise island…

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I love Prison island. Me and my friends arranged one day trip to Prison island and to Stone Town.

Our capitan is shinning!

It is easy to go to Prison island. Once in Zanzibar, Tanzania you need to go to the Zanzibar port in Stone town. There are lots of small boats and locals who can take you there through Indian ocean. Better options is to buy a day excursion with a guide – visiting Prison island plus some snorkeling above amazing coral reef and zebra fishes.

After that you can land in Stone town port and walking through the city.

The price is around 40 USD.

You can take this trip from your hotel or choose an offer by locals.

Our guide was Hassan Bin Haji. He also organized for us amazing Spice tour.

He is very nice guy and we became friends. Perfect tour guide for the whole Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Nowadays Prison island is the home of giant old turtles. So stunning place with azure shore. The Tanzanian turtles live till 200 years! The oldest creates I have ever seen.

On the shell of this turtle is written its age 🙂

And the baby turtles are so cute. I can hold them in my hands. These turtles are the proof that as locals say “pole pole” which means take it easy, is the best formula for longevity.

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In front of us two turtles dove in a love game – spectacular and sound. The turtles are rare species and locals enjoy their love acts because they will populate.

Hello from my new friend – Prison island giant turtle

Despite of the the fact they are so enormous and interesting, the turtles can bite you painfully and you have to be cautious. In the sun they fall into a state of complete inactivity.

And I hear your question “What else I can see on this Prison island?” Well, the beauty of the nature, crystal clear water, silence of the past and ocean birds…

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Kisses and stay with me on the road! Africa is always the best choice!

Blue safari in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Faustino! He organizes for us Blue Safari in the Indian ocean (from Zanzibar, Tanzania) and takes us in the world of colorful zebra fishes, white brilliant coral reef and secluded islands.


During the Blue Safari Faustin is our guide in the Indian ocean who cannot swim! and our Swahili teacher.  Later we realized he is our best African friend!

Check here How we met Mr Faustin in Zanzibar. In case you need his contacts please write me on private massage.



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Blue Safari! All day in the ocean! Snorkeling and ocean waves, while we are swimming, exploring, laying on the beach of an unknown island, eating exotic fruits and ocean food… we fall in love with the soul of this eccentric Faustin. He has 3 sisters but they were 9 kids. He says this:

“The life and its end it’s just check-out from this hotel “World”. And you are ready for the next adventure.”


Our Blue Safari is our best African experience ever! I feel so free and so calm. I hear the nature and I can taste it on my skin. Zanzibar island is amazing but being here, in a lonely island far away from Zanzibar, just us! This is fantastic! I can behave like a kid, I can jump in the water, found myself running on the beach… drinking wine in the water while sitting. Chilling time! Perfect moments! We are laughing loudly and on the chocolate face of Faustin the white teeth are shining.

We have fresh seafood – delicious!

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Resting and sitting in the water; we go back to the shore and have a little more time to eat, laying on the sand, strolling, swimming, diving among the rocks, and sometimes we take out ocean treasures; we eat fruits in the water, collect mussels. Amazing variety of flora and fauna! We found mangrove tree – the only one that drinks salty water!


Indescribable atmosphere and a very good company! And Faustin was proclaimed unanimously for the African God of the Blue Safari!

We are blessed to be where we are!



How we met Mr Faustin in Zanzibar

We are laying on the beach all day long and our incredible stay in Coco Paradise Hotel – Jambiani beach, is more than amazing. I strongly recommend the hotel as a great place to stay in Zanzibar (Tanzania), the stuff is excellent; the restaurant and the kitchen are one of the best on the beach. Price versus quality – completely satisfied level!


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The pool is a great relaxing area for reading a book, chilling, swimming and enjoying the nature around.



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We enjoy the African nature and the day ends with beautiful sunset under the Indian ocean.

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It’s our dinner time, we are in a hungry mood eating delicious fresh ocean food (fished today, cooked today and to be eaten today).


The African wine is with exotic aftertaste and I really enjoy it. In the restaurant of the hotel Mr Faustin noticed us and came to check where we are from and what kind of people we are. He has a big smile and he is very friendly, always ready for jokes. We liked him at the very beginning of our first conversation.

He offered us to go with him on a Blue Safari – all day long adventure in the Indian ocean. Food included on a lonely island. Snorkeling with many colorful fishes and more…

Of course we took the offer and I will share with you in details how our Blue Safari became the greatest experience in Zanzibar! Soon on my blog!

With Mr Faustin on a Blue Safari

But the most valuable from the Blue Safari is the connection with such a nice personality – Mr Faustin. He brings the natural positive vibes with him and he has seen a lot in his life. He speaks 6 languages (English, German, Italian, Spanish, Swahili, French) and we took some lessons on Swahili. He is crazy funny and his jokes bring wisdom.

Our group really love him and we are keeping in touch now. We really hope we will meet him again some day!

We all are blessed to have this kind of people in our life who can teach you to take it easy and to think for really the most important things. For all the rest – “Pole Pole” which translated from Swahili means “Just take it easy. Relax.”

Can’t wait to share soon more from my Zanzibar experience! Stay cool!