First time in OC

Ok, so let’s start.

Ocean city, Maryland – United States.

That was the place I have been staying 4 months far away from home. It is placed on the East Cost. You can check it here:


The first week I did hate the food, it smelt disgusting for me.

thrashers-french-fries-ocean-cityI lost some kilos. They don’t have actually kilos, but pounds , they don’t have meters, kilometers – instead of that miles. And of course instead of Celsius they used Fahrenheit. I had put so much degrees on Fahrenheit but still was freezing – crazy!

But I do love the wide beaches and the beautiful ocean, the sunsets and sunrises.

Picture 005Picture 012

Also check this out !


I do love the boardwalk of OC!

TPicture 158ocean-gallery-art-cHere is so much space, so much stores,shops and during the summer it is so crazy on it – thousands of people. I do love the positive attitude of all people. Here in Europe we don’t say “Hi”, if we don’t know each other – but my first touch with United Stated was “All people say “hi” , just keep kalm and copy that behavour”. But after that it was so easy, I love it!

In OC there are a lot of Bulgarian people who live there. So, my second night there was crazy party with them. And I was late on my third day for work… with two hours. Disgusting! Anyway my boss seemed cool and it was not a problem, may be he thought I was not acclimatized with everything…

My first off I went to a laundry and washed my cloths – we actually had been playing with the cars for clothes – hihi.


This is another car, but I played with it, too.

I used to go out almost every night even if I was exhausted – my favorite place – Seacrets Jamaica !Picture 0791240405_737399969619684_694506659_n

The party never stops –  that’s a lie – because stops every night at 2 o’clock! Very strange for me, because I am from Balkans and we used to start the real party at this time. But people there find their way – it is very popular to be in a house party, and of course it’s very popular the police to come. They caught me with my new friends so many times…

My friends were from Romania, Macedonia, Ireland, Dominican Republic,Moldova and of course – American! I am happy I found so nice people and have stayed the whole summer with their company!

1146569_558499404216542_2027467462_n1240130_626576290698682_892528815_n 1148856_623248194364825_1863706366_n

In the bars the boys and the girls dance usually very wild, the girls give their booty very close to the boys’ special place. And It is normal!!!

gaga1 I thought we in Europe are so open, I was wrong. Also if you do not dance like that – very wild, you are stupid and not cool ( I was stupid and not cool) And if a drunk boy comes and asks you doesn’t he beautiful – please say him he is the most incredible thing in the world. I didn’t tell him that, but after that he got crazy and started fight with me and after 3 seconds there was a real fight between many people – then I left. Thank God!

Oh, I almost forget – they have hermit crabs and they treat them as pets! American people can spend more than 400 $ for new shells for the crabs, new cage, new decoration! But the hermit crabs bite – it is painful!

Picture 0181044945_596109300412048_32252181_n 1010806_596109280412050_591679564_n 1016792_596109320412046_891011601_n

Oh, and let me tell you what happen with my “I don’t eat this food” attitude. After two weeks the food started to be so delicious for me, I ate so much of it and the chocolate … Candy Kitchen, I love you!


Ok, Now I am going to take some chocolate. I have so much to tell you… Be ready for me!


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