First time in OC

Destination Ocean city, Maryland – United States.

I have been working for the summer 2013 here. It is placed on the East Cost of United States. Ocean city, Maryland will always have a special place in my heart!

But the first week I did hate the food, it smelt disgusting for me.I lost some kilos.

One of the first things I learnt fast – Americans don’t have kilos but pounds , they don’t have meters, kilometers – instead of that miles. And of course instead of Celsius they used Fahrenheit. This was crazy at the begging!

From the first week I felt in love with the wide beaches and the beautiful ocean, the sunsets and sunrises!Picture 005Picture 012  I do love the boardwalk of Ocean city, Maryland!Picture 158ocean-gallery-art-c

On the boardwalk there is so much space, so much stores, shops and during the summer it is so crazy of people – thousands of people!

I used to go out almost every night even if I was exhausted – my favorite place – The Secrets Jamaica!Picture 0791240405_737399969619684_694506659_n

The party never stops in Ocean city! –  that’s a lie – because stops every night at 2 o’clock! Very strange for me, because I am from Balkans and we used to start the real party at this time.

With my best friends from OC, Maryland


Oh, I almost forget – they have hermit crabs and they treat them as pets! American people can spend more than 400 $ for new shells for the crabs, new cage, new decoration! And the hermit crabs sometimes bite – very painful!Picture 0181044945_596109300412048_32252181_n 1010806_596109280412050_591679564_n 1016792_596109320412046_891011601_nOh, and let me tell you what happen with my “I don’t eat this food” attitude. After two weeks the food started to be so delicious for me, I ate so much of it and the chocolate … Candy Kitchen, I love you!8515_586948511328127_1084012716_n

Ok, Now I am going to take some chocolate. I have so much to tell you… Be ready for me!


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