Souvenir City, Ocean city, Maryland

Souvenir city


This was the place I have been working for the summer 2013. I think they don’t have an equivalent on boardwalk. You can have so many different souvenirs, t-shirts with nice decals, vintage style decoration for your home, different kind of shells and ocean decorations and etc. Something that impressed me is the sharks.


Also If you like the sand dollars, look what I found!


Once in a rainy day I’ve had the very special mission to clean all the broken shells, and guess what I saw inside of the broken sand dollars



These little angels! It is so beautiful, isn’t it!

I am charmed by the people who I work for. They are amazing, energetical and hard-working. They don’t pretend you work for them, they work WITH you.


I am so grateful to Alison, one of my best managers, who sometimes gave us a ride to Panera Bread, where you can find really delicious food!!


which can be healthy! She gave us a look of some good places over the bridge in OC, where she lives.

Also we have had an amazing party in Rob’s house  – again over the bridge, in West OC.


I have tried for the first time one special drink- Fireball Whiskey, it is very special because when you drink two shots your little fingers of your legs is going to shrink. Also as a side effect – you become confident dancer.


Isn’t he hospitable!!!

If after that you are still in a good mood and can feel your little fingers of your legs, but you temporarily don’t need to feel them, then you are ready for that jelly!


Then… I don’t remember …

PS: Thank you Souvenir city! Love you all!



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