Berlin in United States

Berlin. Not this in Germany! Surprise !

In United States there are more than 30 Berlins. They are named like that because most of Berlins’ population in United States have at least 40 % Germans.

The town of Berlin, Maryland.


This small cute town is one of the most favorite places for all Americans who live nearby. It is full of shops for everything- cloths, souvenirs, home stuffs. Also they have nice bakeries, friendly restaurants, cute cafés.


The motto of the town is “America’s coolest small town”.

My favorite is the wine bottles in the shops for cloths. They feel how hard is shopping, so they realize the need of these lifesaving bottles. Thank you!


Why is so charming?

It is quiet!

It is fresh!

People don’t hurry so much!


Nice places to eat, drink, shop, go for a walk.


You should definitely buy from their cupcakes – it is a specialty!

And it’s so delicious!



I have spend just one day in Berlin, MD. But I love it. Everyone should taste it!


Hope some day to visit the other American Berlins !


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