Philadelphia, USA

Ok, so that’s the crew.1098292_612459455443699_1732557358_n

They all have nick names. From left to the right – The Jacket , Flounder ,The Cheat Girl, Bobster.

That’s the next destination: Philadelphia!

So the trip started from Ocean City, Maryland at 5 am in the morning. The previous night Flaunder & The Cheat Girl decided to go out. It seemed like a smart decision during the night, but when they needed to be ready at 5 am, it seemed to be so hard. Bobster and The Jacket were there to give some pressure time, so the girls were ready at 5:30 am, a bus with some nice and not so nice people was waiting for them. That’s the start.

Early in the morning Philadelphia

The group was so exhausted, so they slept like never the whole way to Philadelphia. What they found – Philadelphia is amazing. It is historical city and more.

A must visit!

Philadelphia Art Museum1148906_612460108776967_626540304_nThe Liberty Bell
954770_612459515443693_1779871399_nIndependence National Historical Park & Independence Hall996578_612459668777011_30313420_n 1146449_612460148776963_10630760_nThe Rocky Statue – Oh, This Boy1094977_612460088776969_1035746627_n

Please, Don’t do that!!! The Cheat girl is from Balkans, so she has an excuse!

It is an amazing city, full of energy and harmony. So the four gays were walking and walking…1004913_612459828776995_2068101310_n


Smiling and Posing945798_612460288776949_85046776_n

Going to Carnival1094954_612460275443617_481950872_nPosing again!999093_612460432110268_1933873978_n

Hugging993362_612460362110275_908027913_nWatching how other people sleep1005767_612459678777010_2066976267_nBehaving as a robot1000008_612460025443642_1181458185_nSo amazing, love is everywhere… Literally1098280_612459842110327_470932994_n282861_612460235443621_939797815_n

The second thing everyone can see & visitors can admire is that everyone is running, the air is so fresh, it’s so clean, everywhere green zones and sports places. Buum! One death stereotype – American don’t sport. They do! And they are really good!

After a really long day, the girls were ready to relax. Suddenly they bumped into Macys…954753_612459765443668_1430730259_n

What a magic – they refreshed themselves and were ready for adventures. Until night. There was only one thing to distract these girls from shopping – Drinking shots in group’s favorite place.999422_612459788776999_211522244_n

I know, I know. This Cheat girl is everywhere in the pics, I thought she is selfish, she told me she doesn’t have camera, nor talent to take photos that’s why.

For funny things happened after 10:00 pm – What happens in Philadelphia, stays in Philadelphia.



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