Niagara falls – the roar of nature

The roar of nature, Niagara falls, United States16DSCN1308

That’s how Indians called this phenomenon. And that’s the meaning of the name in Indian.

An Indian legend tells one of their gods planned to be married to a local beautiful girl Naipi. However, she didn’t have such intentions and fled with her mortal lover Taroba with canoe. The refusal of god it is not a joke… and the two lovers soon discovered it. The angry God cut down the Iguazu River and vowed them for a “forever falling”.

Niagara falls is quietly flowing river Ontario, which after a kilometer transforms its energy into powerful wildly roaring water flow.

Niagara Falls is a group of waterfalls, part of them are on USA land and the other part is in Canada. I have never been in Canada, but I did see it from the USA side. I will share with you some of the most beautiful photos  of mine, because the words will be not enough to express the charm and the beauty of this phenomenon Niagara Falls. It is breathtaking moment to be there.2 4 9 DSCN1304 DSCN1306 DSCN1312

There is another legend an Indian told us – if you reach and cross the rainbow, then you will be as strong as the water and you will have special power and energy.

Ok, Let’s go!DSCN1362 DSCN1365

It is very nice how is organized the Niagara Falls area – you can use transfer to every impressive point of the Niagara, also you can reach the museum, watch the movie about Niagara and be in a total harmony with the nature.

Beautiful water world in the museum of Niagara Falls!

When you are on the USA side you can see how in Canada people are walking, taking the bus, drinking wine on the top of a huge building with amazing view to the Niagara Falls. On the Canada side the view, I heard, is wider compared with the USA. In USA you can go closer to the waterfall and can’t see the view as spacious as in Canada. Nice excuse to go in Canada, isn’t it!

I have met some of the local Indians and I have had a talk with them.  An Indian man shared with me some very aromatic herbs. He explained they are good for our intern energy. Then he walked with us for the night colorful show of Niagara Falls.

What I felt when I looked into the water was an expression of million sounds, colors, songs, I felt I am in the water, swimming… then I felt I probably can fly … I could do everything. At one moment we saw the water like pure paradise.

Ok, when you stay in this area you should check the local Hard Rock Cafe! Every good story ends better with shots.1277996_621057631248955_1648277524_o DSCN1415

I hope one day to be lucky enough and be back, have a look when The Niagara Falls is frozen. A little voice tells me one day I will be there again. And this voice reminds me of my Indian friend.



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