For the Passion in your life

I want to dance without stopping. I love spreading my energy, my colors…a lot of colors, emotions, warmth, movements…LOVE. I love spinning… without stopping. I need just a moment to look forward after every circle, then I stop for a second to look in a point… this point rocks me up for the next spinning around.


I love my shadow movements. I feel more beautiful when dancing. Dance is my way of life. I can express better myself – calmly, loudly, softly or aggressive, with colors or just black and white. There is a lot of everything, which makes me alive, gives me happiness, gives me sadness, hope, faith.

Close your eye and listen! Listen actively, bravely and irrationally. Let the music goes inside you… no thinking, just chilling! Express yourself in a better way!

What you feel is You…

Ok, Let me tell you about one Tradition Balkan Salsa Festival. Every year this festival is organized in Borovets. Where is Borovets. I will tell you – in a beautiful mountain in Bulgaria.

BIG_borovets_6_136119315262119 3f7dbdafcf9295ce16811c1a3440618d9a2b2f48

Borovets is close to Sofia


and every tourist can easily reach it. It is very nice ski destination.


But as well is nice for other activities… as salsaaaa.


But not this salsa!

That one!

salsa_dance_night_couple_street silvia-big

It is a tradition to be organized Salsa Festival every year in the end of October. This Festival is the second biggest in Europe and people from different parts of the world stay together for 3 days and share their emotions, skills and love to dance. The organizers provide the possibility for all participants to improve their dancing skills when enjoying the presence of famous dancer and teachers.

Imagine people who are dancing even when their sleeping. Put them together, give them nice music, nice atmosphere, drinks. Imagine most of them are young, sexy, slim, crazy and ready for adventures. That’s the Balkan Festival in Borovets every year.


Salsa, Bachata and Kiziomba, Reggaeton, Semba, Cha-Cha and more and more. Latin passion.

You can check this out to imagine small, very small part of latin passion:

facebook_1488752330 images

Imagine a lot of space and different halls for every different type of dances. People are moving around and around. They share energy and go for the next dance. Now imagine all people are with masks because they celebrate Helloween. You can see so many roles like you are in a movie.

600_292747772 hqdefault mega-1-halloween-dance2

The party is private… but suddenly sometimes some people with fake hair go there by luck.


The only thing that was missing this year was the performance of one of the Best Bulgarian Salsa Dancers from Salsa Ritmo – Tedi and Mitko.


They are young, beautiful, full of energy dancers. They give you the power of dance in the way you can feel it.

What was not missing – beautiful people, sexy dances ( I heard different kind), parties, excellent music and energyyyyy!

Croatian-Summer-Salsa-Festival-Salsa-lessons lady1

Dance is like a journey, travelling to your heart. The last destination is your passion for life.

tumblr_n527xv3YsJ1rjl0nzo1_500 ua3xa73mqqa0k03zsvvp_400x400samba


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