Miami, Florida, USA

If you think about paradise, may be everyone is on a special destination, best place to stay. When I think about paradise, the destination is Miami, Florida, United States.


Me and my friends arrived at the airport and because our flight was from New York, the first thing we said it Miami was “It is so hot! I am sweating”. Then we went in our amazing hotel, which I recommend – Seagull Hotel. Amazing service, amazing view and so cozy rooms.


When you feel the atmosphere of Miami, you instantly grab your bathing suits and run to the beach. Palms everywhere, green places, nice music, colors and rhythm of the summer. You can see everywhere hot girls are running in the alleys, nice expensive shiny cars, gentlemen in nice suits, music everywhere. Damn, so hot place to be!


Mexican are a lot of the local population, so you better speak Spanish there, it will be more useful. Everyone welcomes you – “Hola”. The food is fresh and so delicious. They have plenty of fruits, seafood and magnificent coconuts. There is a market place and you can buy plenty of food on a best price. The fresh drink from coconut they have is my best choice ever.

DSC_0268 (19) DSC_0311 (24) DSC_0312

Amazing weather, perfect for a nice walk.

2 DSC_0306 (19) DSC_0303 DSC_0297 (10) DSC_0448 DSC_0455 (163)

Now we are on the beach. Nice sand, pure blue water… everything is amazing and you are standing on your feet, but feel every moment you will start running and jump in the ocean.


You imagine how you are swimming… and suddenly from the lifeguard you understand you cannot enter freely on the water. There are sharks and you can still swim, but on your responsibility. Excellent!

изтеглен файл

Then you rethink twice and decide here on the sand is very comfortable. You are not so afraid, but you are on a vacation and prefer to relax on the beach of course! Also in the pool is full of joy.


If you go in Miami, you better go in Niki Beach. That’s one of the best party places.

A funny story of mine reminds me how crazy is in Miami. Me and my friends wanted to go out in a really shiny place. Firts we celebrate the time together with a nice walk.

DSC_0480 DSC_0484 DSC_0485 DSC_0486 DSC_0496 DSC_0512 (217)

And yes we bought nice items from Victoria’s Secret. That’s how we felt after


We were offered from strange people on bikes to visit different type of clubs. Then we picked one place and entered. What we saw was a lot of nice men drinking cocktails, nicely dressed. As we were girls only, we were very excited of that fact. It is super cool to go in a bar and realize women are less and men are handsome. We went to look what’s going on the second floor. The atmosphere was very different, the music was cool. Suddenly we passed the toilet and what we noticed was what’s happening inside! Because there were no doors! At all! Now is very funny to remind it to myself. Then after the first shock, we noticed two nice boys were kissing each other. Then we understood we are in a gay bar. Ja Ja. I have friends who are gays and I think one person is happy when stays yourself. But we were not interested to stay anymore in that place, so we left.

We decide then to check another club. It was again nice place. But we stayed on the alert something is going to happen. We were right. There was a night show on a scene in this bar. And one British guy wanted to add himself in that show. He was drunk and with extremely strange reactions and reflections. He started jumping, singing and walking around on the scene. Jajaja. The security took him away twice. But he accessed for the third time the desired place – the scene, and this time was different. In front of the scene there was a nice pool. He quickly jumped into the water to show his special skills in swimming. That’s my favorite part. And then the security kicked him outside. Very funny! I couldn’t decide is he from the show program or not!

The night Miami iz amazing and full of music, moments and cocktails.

DSC_0269 DSC_0271

MiamiTopClubs1742954-2 set-nightclub-miami

The good moments pass fast. So now we are on our last day in Miami. The sunny days were a mirage. Very quickly the weather was changed. Now you imagine cataclysm. I decide they will record the Noah’s Ark. The water from the ocean was on the street. It was raining like hell. The flood was dangerous. The streets disappeared, I hurt myself because while walking I stepped on small palm tree I couldn’t see. It was water everywhere. I have one positive thought that we are living soon. But in the plane I was not so positive, as it was forbidden to stay without your seatbelts. We were in a horrible turbulence. Then I took best decision to ask for a bottle of wine. After it I slept. When I woke up there was a nice weather again and I could watching the beautiful views from my seat.

Life is amazing! Miami as well!



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