Miami, Florida, USA

When I think about craziness, the destination is Miami, Florida, United States.

Destination Miami, Florida – check the link 🙂


Me and my friends arrived at the airport and because our flight was from New York, the first thing we said in Miami was “It is so hot! I am sweating”. Then we went in our amazing hotel, which I recommend – Seagull Hotel. Amazing service, amazing view and so cozy rooms. And it is on the ocean beach!

When you feel the atmosphere of Miami, you instantly grab your bathing suits and run to the beach. Palms everywhere, green places, nice music, colors and rhythm of the summer. You can see everywhere hot girls, nice cars, gentlemen in nice suits, music everywhere. Damn, so hot place to be!

Mexican people feel like local here, so you better speak Spanish there, it will be more useful. Everyone welcomes you – “Hola”. The food is fresh and so delicious. They have plenty of fruits, seafood and magnificent coconuts. There is a market place and you can buy plenty of food on a best price. The fresh drink from coconut is my favorite exotic experience in Miami. DSC_0311 (24) DSC_0312

Amazing weather, perfect for nice walks. Also there are alleys for running and people are really active!2 DSC_0306 (19) DSC_0303 DSC_0297 (10) DSC_0448 DSC_0455 (163)

Miami has wonderful beaches! Nice sand, pure blue water… everything is amazing exotic and relaxed.

Suddenly from the lifeguard we understood there are sharks and we can still swim but on our responsibility. The pool in the hotel is also perfect for swimming – isn’t it.

Niki Beach. That’s one of the best party places in Miami, Florida. Definitely to be visit!

And the city of Miami is charming and shining!

DSC_0484 DSC_0485 DSC_0486 DSC_0496

And yes we bought nice items from Victoria’s Secret!

The girls night out in Miami! Nice chance to celebrate Life!



Life is amazing! Especially in Miami!




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