Bologna, Italy

There is an Italian place, situated in the north part of Italy, full of history, old buildings and nice cathedrals.

Destination Bologna

This place is called Bologna. It has a special charm, very “Bologna style” unique architecture. All buildings are with red roofs and this color is used in all parts of the city. 34

The red city – I love it! Just like my favorite color and like the color of its specialty – BOLOGNese.

In the past Bologna was called “The small Venice”, because of the canals, it’s had. Now, this part is the new part. Unfortunately is closed and can’t be seen. Can you imagine – they are two parallel cities on two levels – the existing one and “The small Venice”.

The city is amazing. The energy from Roma empire is saved and everyone can feel it while walking on the street. It smells on croissants and pasta…mmm. The wines and cheeses are fantastic. You are in the mood “I-wanna-just-stay-here-and-taste-different-types”. All the variety of wines gives you an impression of different Italy’s parts.

4451 My friend Martina, who invited me to visit her ( I am so grateful! She is one of the best personalities I have ever chance to known), explained me about the new trends in motorbikes in Italy.

Another amazing thing is the view of the bikes everywhere. The Bikers are fast, like the cars and the walking people. It’s very dynamic.

The first impression of Italian people – they are enthusiastic to explain you everything in details with legs, fingers, face, arms, shoulders and other useful body’s parts. They are full of energy and passion, which is very charming.

The city is with 10 gates which are around it. The city structure is smart and safe – it’s a circle closed by the 10 gates.

The streets go in a circle, too. And this can be very confusing if you don’t live there. Jazz music, Piazzas are on every corner.

My favorite piazza places – Piazza Maggiore!

Piazza Maggiore
Having fun at the city center of Bologna – Piazza Maggiore

In front of Torri degli Asinelli e Garisenda.

One part of Bologna has special energy – the university’s part where all the students are. In Italy, there is a tradition if a student graduates and has to prepare the dissertation, one week earlier the student has been challenging by all friends to do a lot of crazy funny things, on the street – like singing, dancing, taking out of cloths and so on. So in the university part of Bologna, there is an outdoor party every day, just participants change.24


If you wonder what not to miss in Bologna, here are 15 amazing tips recommended by THE CRAZY TOURIST:

15 Best Things to do in Bologna

I really love this list and the places are the best in Bologna for sure!

Sweets – mmm, please take me out of the shop, I will bye everything!

Pasta! My Italian friend has cooked the best pasta ever. Thank you.

Love the art presence everywhere. Even my friend’s flat is cozy and arty. Gives me the inspiration to implement some changes in my life. On the streets, young people have done some nice pictures to express their feelings, public attitude or to support some causes.

At my Italian friend's flat
At my Italian friend’s flat

While I have been walking on the streets, one young Italian was playing on a guitar amazing accords, the time of the day was around 6 pm, so the sun gave magnificent colors to the sky. I was with a really nice company, on the street was full of people. This whole picture gave me the feeling of the PERFECT MOMENT. It’s just 10 seconds, but you know, you’ll never forget it.

Piazza Maggiore
At the student “city”


Then I smiled. Thank you, God!


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