A walk to remember

12.jpgOne of the best cities to visit – New York. This story is not about the most popular places there.

Destination New York


What if you never been in New York – You have missed a lot!

I am so grateful I have had the chance to visit this cosmopolitan city. The first impression of it is stunning. The sizes are different, the distance is just an impression. You start seeing buildings never ending when entering the city. I love the variety of fantastic places you can visit. One life is not enough to explore the city.

When you are late for a meeting with your friends on a 5th Avenue. You promise to shop with them. Running to 5th Avenue.

Wow! The atmosphere is changing so fast. A lot of shops and megamalls around you – Victoria’s Secret, Gucci, Guess, Fendi, Valentino, Dior, Versace… do I need to continue! Fashion paradise!


This is very dangerous zone, you can go bankrupt really fast. Don’t stay long, shop and run!

Running is fantastic if you are in a nice green area, for example Central Park. You can eat with friends outside and enjoy the weather as well. And you can take some sunbathing.



If you like Asia, but you never been there yet – go to China town. Also if you have a lot of friends waiting at home your arrival, that’s the place for cheap magnets, shirts and plenty of souvenirs. It is quite dangerous, please visit it during the day. Sometimes Chinese are unpredictable. Before leaving, don’t miss the chance to eat something from there.

If you are good enough to manage the metro map, then you should definitely visit Manhattan. No words, just lights, just emotion.

Brooklyn! Amazing area. You should cross the Brooklyn bridge once in your life. Just for the view! Just to feel the atmosphere. If you like Gossip girl, then visiting these places put you in the movie instantly. Literally! Everything can happen, stay cool!



Queens – the biggest region in New York.



Staten Island – Beautiful view to the Atlantic ocean, nice walks, long sunsets, beautiful sunrises.

Are you curious for more… Yes! One story is not enough for New York!

To be continue…



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