New York – Attraction of beauty

78It’s a New York time again.

What better than the sunset view from Rockefeller building. We’ve been attending a piano night on the top of the Rockefeller. Drinking wine helped us to understand better how beautiful the world is.

Beautiful sunset view from Rockefeller building NY, USA
At the top of Rockefeller building (NY,USA). On the back – Empire State.

After the first delight, we have been talking, walking and appreciating the life moments.DSC_0843.jpgWhen going out of the building we decided to fully enjoy the night, we took a limo, we have had a lot of fun there…  we have been discovering the best parts of Manhattan.3.jpg





Our driver was so cool and showed us a special party place, where you can dance all night. It was a lot space over there. There were more than 10 rooms separated with heavy mantles, which is very romantic when you add the music, the lights, the professional dancers, the drinks and the passion.

It was like in a move. There were singers and dancers with their bands. They had dance battle, they rocked the place.




At one moment it was just the dance movements, the smell of the passion and the electricity in the air.

Love that moment! Love the dynamic in life, love dancing and love my life.

I can’t wait to see what is coming next! Stay grateful! Attract the world beauty with your positive vibes!

Love NY!

Central Park, New York

12 thoughts on “New York – Attraction of beauty

  1. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t fallen in love with NY. I’m not much of a city person myself I usually prefer the countryside and stuff but NY has something special. I love the sunset views from Rockefeller in your pictures !


    1. hey Nawdeeya, I am excited even when I start thinking about NY. Yes tips – plan to stay at least a week and don’t book a hotel, try to get in touch with people who give their apartments for tourists. In This way will be more like local. Then must to be visit – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Brooklyn bridge, Central park, Rockefeller building and Rockefeller center, Empire State is my top (I have more posts for it), 5th Avenue. For more details you better reach me on my mail or write me pm on any social accounts.
      Hope you will like it!


  2. The party looks awesome. My family live in White Plains, NY. Next time I visit I must try and get into the city. I will get myself the top of the Rockefeller one day 🙂


  3. annakapys

    hurrah! it seems you had a blast – we really should cherish all the beautiful sunsets we see and every single day.

    btw a compliment from a fellow female traveler – your hair looks fantastic!


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