San Diego, California Love

I am in love. It’s big love.

I am in love with San Diego, California. And California itself. It’s a magical place to be!

2015-06-23 15.13.30
On the road to San Diego

The purpose of the trip was…. Bridesmaid party! How cool is that, you tell me!

And our bride is the most beautiful ever! Sorry boys, she is married now 🙂


We were four Bulgarian girls and four Irish, the magic 8 group!

2015-06-23 18.52.07.jpg

2015-06-24 01.54.55.jpg

You know, I think Irish and Bulgarians have a lot of common things, I believe we are distant descendants. We have the same feeling for party.

So, how to have the perfect bridesmaid party – the recipe:

  • Take your crazy friends (hope some Bulgarian and Irish)
  • Go to a magic place – San Diego is so magical!
  • Climb on the top of the roof of your hotel
2015-06-23 19.29.36
Chilling at the terrace at our hotel
2015-06-23 19.49.20
It’s champagne time!

2015-06-23 19.49.43.jpg

  • Play “I never ever…” – it’s a funny game, everyone shares what she never does and who has this experience drinks shot.
  • After all shots – open another bottle of champagne and drink it all!

2015-06-23 19.49.04.jpg

  • Make pictures wildly
  • Go to your room and put your nice dress, then cheers for that

2015-06-23 20.03.19.jpg

  • Go out
  • Piano bar with plenty of food. When ready – go to the scene and dance with your friends without any shame – sing and jump, take some pictures.

2015-06-23 20.38.00.jpg

2015-06-23 21.59.50.jpg

2015-06-23 22.00.52.jpg

  • The best bar near your area – go in it.
  • Meet people from all over the world there – take and reject their proposals depending of what they are. Here check some examples of proposals you should take:

“May I buy you drink”

“Shall we dance”

“Your friends are fantastic, may I buy you drinks”

And now some examples for rejection:

“Come with me now to show you something interesting outside”

“Can we marry now”

  • Then be with your best friends, celebrate, forget every bad moments, dance and just be the happiest person this night.
  • Go home together and rest!

This is very trustful formula to have the best bridesmaid party ever! Check it out!

Then what better than a breakfast with coffee with your friends in one of the most charming places in San Diego,California.

All together in the morning – ready to eat

And then just walking time around, there are a lot of things to be seen, a lot of things to be done, a lot of surprises.








Be the best of you, share time with friends, because they are what you are. Show up the kid in yourself and please say “Thank you”. Every day.


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