Waltz time

There is time for everything, but first travel, first live!

Vienna is culture, Vienna is beauty and unexpected – romantic! Oh, it’s so romantic – you start thinking of waltz, gracefulness, luxury…


Once upon a time there were Vienna balls, with graceful dances, with passion and desire…

Nowadays still you can see the old castles, the old ball rooms, the beautiful dresses.




I am closing my eyes… I am dancing in circles, I smell wine and champagne.



Beautiful streets, beautiful Christmas markets.


Just the times are different.  I was in Vienna when it was announced the highest risk of terrorist attack. It was the eve of New Year 2016. People were stressed, they still are… What happens in Europe, what comes more…  A lot of immigrants are coming and coming. Why, where, what they are doing with the locals – some of them really have started destroying Europe.

I believe in good in people, but why… Why there was #pray for paris# hashtags, why in West Europe some immigrants ruin the everyday life of locals, why in every European country we allow to these people to walk around and do whatever they decide… Are we sleeping all!

I am afraid… I am afraid about my family, about my friends and about myself. Instead of developing the world, we will destroy ourselves… so destructive…

But still I believe in good in people, in good places, in good energy. The positivism I have, I stole it from all the great places I have visited. I also took with me the special energy of Vienna…


It’s really amazing to go there, it’s a magic time everyone deserves.

Go and live, no matter what are the times, it’s always time to travel!



3 thoughts on “Waltz time

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