Waltz time in Vienna

Destination Viena, Austria.

Waltz time during the winter!

20160102_150001-EFFECTSVienna is cultural European city and capital of Austria. Vienna is beautiful and unexpected romantic! Oh, it’s so romantic – you start thinking of waltz, gracefulness, luxury…

Once upon a time, there were Vienna balls, with graceful dances, with passion and desire…

Nowadays still you can see the old castles, the old ballrooms, the beautiful dresses.

Schönbrunn Palace
St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna

I am closing my eyes… I am dancing in circles, I smell wine and champagne.

Beautiful streets, beautiful Christmas markets.

City center of Vienna

3.jpgVisiting Vienna during Christmas is amazing. The Christmas spirit is everywhere, everything is so festive and the only problem you might have is the weather. It is crazy cold. But there is a glue wine on every market!

Take the road!




3 thoughts on “Waltz time in Vienna

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