FADO city

Gay parade, “zhinzhinya”, ocean breeze, fresh seafood, music in the air, two girls – one blond and one “com o cabelo castanho” …






This is my thoughts about Lisboa, Portugal. I love this city, did I mention! There is something in the air, I know it sounds “cliché” but it’s true. Me and my friend were there for the first time and it was so spontaneous… The city is full of ocean power, summer breeze, summer cocktails, nice wines, fresh food – pineapples are only 50 cent each!



Let’s start from the beginning. We were there because of Youth Exchange in the field of EU and Politics Issue. We decided to go a week earlier to live for a while in Lisboa. Best decision ever. We have time enough to eat seafood – we tasted octopus, crab, squid, mussels with rice and more. We overeat many times – one of the happiest overeating ever! Obrigada! Thanks! We have enjoyed the small pavilions they have in the center and there they sell zhinzhinya.. mmmm We drunk some many shots.


The city is amazing.

Belen was built in the early 16th century in the local style Manuelito to commemorate the expedition of Vasco da Gama and became one of the symbols of the city and the Portuguese power in the era of great geographical discoveries.




São Jorge Castle (Portuguese: Castelo de São Jorge)  is a Moorishcastle occupying a commanding hilltop overlooking the historic centre of the Portuguese city of Lisbon and Tagus River. The strongly fortified citadel dates from medieval period of Portuguese history, and is one of the main tourist sites of Lisbon. One of the best city’s view ever! Strongly recommend it!



Oceanarium in Lisboa is amazing but personally to reach it through lift where beautiful views are open is even more amazing.


Picture 079.jpg

The main plaza is amazing as well, full of people, music and emotions.

Also we bump into a gay parade – it was a lot of fun!  Did I mention my experience with a lesbian girl… she just wanted to lick my tits and I was asked kindly for my agreement. So mannerly people on this gay parade!



Picture 067.jpg

The night was just started. You have not been in Lisboa if you do not listen FADO! FADO is everything – it’s not just music and a song – it’s the whole life, it’s full of emotions and can be valued by proper people. Let me show you what is FADO if you don’t know.

If you sit in a restaurant with fado show you will have your delirium time. While eating you we will live the life of the singers , they will tell so many stories one after another… you will listen with a glas of wine… it’s fu**ing romatic.. even if you are not romantic person. But I believe everyone is.

At that moment my heart was fully alive, I felt with my heart, I live with my heart, I express myself with heart!

I bring with myself the PASSION of life from Lisboa. I wished to come back and guess – what comes around goes around – one year later I was on the same place with different people. I believe this is because I was in love with the city … I really wanted to come back an I  wished it the night when I was listening fado.

The feeling to be on same favorite place is amazing. The faith knows everything. One year later I was on another Youth Exchange in Spain – yes it’s a different story, but just to explain – on this  youth exchange we didn’t know we will visit Lisboa – for me it was real de ja view!






But also it was different. Did you have the chance to be on a place you feel yourself so real but with different company.

You are happy… but you realize the moments can’t be turned back. We have this moment only, this second thought only, this life only!

We have them to be as real as we can, to experience as many situations as we can, to travel as much as we can, to meet new people as many as we can – we actually don’t have a second chance – the second time doing something actually it’s the first time! Because every moment is different! Every moment is unique !

I am trying to snap shot every moment, to live it and be ready for the next. This is my understanding of love… oops LIFE. But actually is the same…

PS:  Oh, about the youth exchange – it was a nice experience – we have presented Bulgaria well!






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