Las Vegas, Nevada

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Before going there, I have asked a friend of mine from California to share his experience from Las Vegas. He said “I don’t go often there, it’s too good and I am getting faded.” The so called Sin City of Nevada has many opportunities for having fun! And the word “sin” is a personal understanding.

What can happen there is unknown – you can lost money, earn money, go to a pool party and lost your swimming suit, you can totally loose the feeling of the time as there are lots of clubs under the earth and you cannot see the sun – is it down or up … Here there is a real example of one fake sky under the Venice replication.


You can see the American version of the Eiffel tower.


You can go in Caesar palace and feel the whole Hellenic atmosphere with sculptures and pretending-to-be-old architectures.

Caesar palace pool, Las Vegas

Then it’s time for the amazing view of the Fountains at Bellagio. It is breathtaking moment and it’s very beautiful synchronized show & music.


In hotel Mirage every night a volcano erupts, spewing a cocktail of aromas and realistic sounds. The main street of Las Vegas – so called “The strip”, has sightseeings from different part of the world and the night view is shiny and marvelous.

Daily average number of couples which are getting married in Las Vegas is 500! It costs 55 $ and 20 minutes to be married with counterpart of Elvis Presley.

The Stratosphere Tower of Stratosphere hotel is the highest tower in the Desert – 350 meters. The view from the top of the roof at the Stratosphere hotel makes you believe that’s impossible to be in the desert! Really! My choice for staying in Las Vegas, Nevada was this really nice hotel, so take my recommendations!

2015-07-01 22.43.39
Top Roof View from Stratosphere hotel


The only forbidden thing is to drink in the public transport, so actually me and my crew were interested in.17.jpg

We found some treasury! And we even didn’t play poker games!

We found some treasure in Las Vegas

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