Kosovo land

Kosovo. In the past a part from Serbia and from 2008 till now autonomous region. I was in Pristina, the capital, in 2012 right after the Civil War. The street were dirty, the people looked sadly. Happy Independence, I thought.


Only the kids are always smiley no matter what happens.


I have been on an international sport event there, so at least the young people were motivated enough to organized it in their new country. Congrats for that!

Here is my team!



What I have investigated is that this region is “safe” place for jihadist, and since 2008 till now it has been giving shelter to them.

A story of mine, that makes me lough – I have met a guy who were very nice and talkative, later he proposed me to pay him his staying in my country, so we can have a good time. I leave you for comments 🙂

What I love about Kosovo is their music and their very special dances. We were on an organized dinner and dancing after that and we have tasted their special movements, their attitude to their body. One Albanian singer I am crazy about her style – Rita Ora, has nice video from Kosovo and brings with herself the special emotion of the region.

Brothels, unexpected cultural life, small bars, alternative magazines, actors with idealistic temperament, women soldiers, homeless kids running on the street.


There are Serbian + Albanian + some other representatives from Balkans, some jihadist and many more. The people were colorful and differently looking, behaving, accepting life.

I accept their small world with mixed feelings but when I left their country I knew I have travelled through the Balkans history, which it has been writing now.



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