The Paris of the West – San Francisco, USA

San Francisco – so called “The Paris of the West” is one of the biggest and industrial developed cities in California, United States.

My first touch with the city was… crowded squares full of people. Colorful people, crazy dressed and overexcited. Yeey!It was Gay parade! It is fascinating at first, but actually I don’t like the smell of urine everywhere in the city center, mixed with beer and some kind of stinky food. But still you can see some nice colors around.

Anyway, me and my crew run away of the crowded city center and decided to investigate it in the next days. That’s how we went to Fisherman’s Wharf. Amazing place with amazing sea food.

Well, let’s go back on Fisherman’s Wharf.

Good place to feel the ocean breeze and to walk around. From here you can see the Alcatraz island and the famous Alcatraz prison. If you like dramatic places, there are some touristic organized trips to the Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary. Some of the tourist go further than just a visit and stay one night in the prison. Imagine what an energy they take from there! Uuh!

For my 4 days staying in the city I was charmed by the city center, it is so enormous and there are so many business buildings. It is dirty as well. If you trapped in the traffic during the busy hours, you are completely off in the next 2 hours!

San Francisco is the headquarters of big banking institutions in USA and various other companies such as:, Dropbox, Inc., Airbnb, Twitter, Uber, Mozilla and more. Me and my friends have visited one Entrepreneurship meeting in the business center of San Francisco. There are many organized and it’s a great experience, also a good way to meet interesting people 🙂 It is not usual tourist thing, so I like it!

I must say the Golden Gate bridge is really enchanting!

Japanese Gardens are very attractive and the most clean area in San Francisco!


Having such amazing girls with me on this place is a miracle!


Cable cars are kept from the past and many tourist have nice ride with them around the city center.

And last but not least – ta-ta-ra-dam – Chine town – the best place to keep your eyes fully open. I have never been in China, but I want it so badly. I have visited some Chine towns in United States – in San Francisco, New York, San Diego. During my visits in the China towns I didn’t find the vibe I search for …But I found a cat in the food shop.

2015-06-29 15.07.07.jpg

Well, I left San Francisco with mixed feelings. It is so big, that I need more time to decide do I like it or not. But it is glamorous place to be visited, that’s for sure.

Pack your stuffs and be prepare for windy weather!



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