Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

This is not a shitty article about the most scandalous summer place in Bulgaria – Sunny Beach.

Sunny Beach – the most known city in Bulgaria among the foreigners not because of the nature, historical moments but especially because of the night life, the debauchery around and the beautiful Black sea of course!

Destination Sunny Beach here!

There were a lot of propagandas against this place. All they are true stories– the place combines drunk people, gypsies, sex, prostitution, dirty parties, narcotics and many more.

BUT I would like to show you the other side of the city. Sunny Beach was my party place in my teenage years, it still has charm and good places to go out and have party.  A lot of worldwide parties of famous DJs are there, on my favorite beach – Cacao.




And here are my top 3 places to go out in Sunny Beach:

La Cubanita Beach Bar Cacao – one of the nicest salsa and Latin summer parties on the Bulgarian Black sea. Hot dances give you extra power to party all the night and loose even some kilos!

Cacao Beach – there is a full program for the whole summer, great events are organized and realized, amazing house parties with worldwide famous DJs. The music and the power of the sand and the sea are just amazing.

Bedroom Sunny Beach, close to Cacao beach, is also party place with variety of show programs during the day and the night. Also events with famous DJs are organized and beautiful dancers are guests to make hotter atmosphere around.

Here are my top 5 things to do:

  1. Go to the beach. There are plenty of nice beaches with beautiful women, Bulgarian women. You can easily recognize them – their swimming suits are tight and scarce, but the view is nice.
  2. Meet people from other countries and go out with them, drink and start talking in different languages – real exchange.
  3. Visit Nesebyr, it’s another city – 2 km from Sunny Beach, which combines the old atmosphere of the old Nesebyr town with the new vision of the Bulgarian Black sea city. The city has a fortress with many teases almost on every corner.
  4. Relax 2-3 days on the beach and then you can travel to more Bulgarian cities, as Bulgaria is a small country. From Sunny Beach there are organized touristic trips to famous cities in Bulgarian neighbor’s countries.
  5. Try to eat as much food as possible, as the Bulgarian food is one of the most amazing and delicious.

And last but not least – Sunny Beach is very very cheap destination. You can save money while having a lot fun.

Now, for good or bad, you should try it at least once! It will be crazy experience!



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