How to escape from Sofia within a day in 7 steps

If you are in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, and it’s a weekend. You are staying and wondering where to spend time out of the city, I have one scenario for you.

Action 1: Take a car.

Action 2: Choose nice people to join your company. It’s a bonus if you take someone for kissing.

Action 3: Travel 112 km far away from Sofia to reach one of the most famous approachable caves – “The eyes of God”.

See the photos to assure yourself for this choice.



For the bravest, there is plus.


Action 4: Once you are there, check on internet about the place. Explain to others that this cave is one of the National Touristic Objects in Bulgaria. It’s a bonus to mention one of the most famous old Bulgarian movies has been taken there – Time of violence.

Action 5: You’ve already planned to spend around 6-7 hours, but only 2 has left. Go to explore the so called lazies eco-path “Gold Panega”. It’s 10 minutes far away from the cave with a car. The eco path is mostly with no deviation and the surface of the river Gold Panega alongside the path is crystal blue. It’s nice to breathe between the trees there. Don’t forget to feel the energy. There are many places to sit, close eyes and relax.


Picture 183.jpg

Action 6: Use one of the relax areas and eat sandwiches with your friends, one of most delicious – trust me.

Action 7: On the way back to Sofia thank all for the great company. Don’t forget to smile:)


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