Vazova pateka

Vazova pateka / Вазова пътека

There are many articles about Vazovata pateka – this is very famous ecopath nearby Sofia called in the name of Ivan Vazov – Bulgarian poet and writer of all centuries.

I am very happy to introduce you this place as one of the ways to escape from Sofia, Bulgaria in a day.

So we are ready to start travelling! Who’s excited?

For the most adventurous I have special proposal for you– take the train from Central railway station in Sofia to Station Bov (Gara Bov). It is one hour with a train. If you travel with a car, it is 50 km from Sofia. The direction is Sofia – Mezdra.

Once you are there, just slightly cross the railway line and start walking on the street. After 5 minutes you will see a label pointing the beginning of Vazovata pateka/ Вазова пътека.


The Ravine of the river Iskar is beautiful enough to inspire our Bulgarian write Ivan Vazov to write the famous story “Дядо Йоцо гледа“. The story is about one old blind man, who fondly traces the passage of railways through difficult terrain. He says “ I see Bulgaria”. This is a symbol of patriotism for all Bulgarians!

While walking, I am exploring where is hidden this strong Bulgarian inspiration…  I found it personally:

while watching the waterfall “Скакля“


in the purple Crocus


behind the trees


while I was dancing salsa on the rocks


while chasing small lizards


when discovering small cave


when feeling the energy of the river Iskar (река Искър)


while eating some delicious raspberries and blackberries


In the green nature. There is a joke, which says “Because of so many trees, I can’t see the nature!”


Well, I found my inspiration on the Vazovata ecopath (“Вазова пътека”). Now it’s your turn!


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