Autumn colors and buggy adventures

Bulgaria is one of the luckiest countries because of the beauty of its 4 seasons. This time of the year is very colorful and the temperatures are good for walks and spending some time in the nature. My way of relaxation and having nice time during one autumn weekend is mix of nice walks, extreme buggy driving and talks with the cave world of “Snejanka” cave.


I have spend my weekend in Cigov chark, it is 2 hours away from Sofia by car (approximately 140 km ) -check the distance here. The road is with many curves, but no worries it is safe one. In this area it’s nice to have a walk in the nature, to hear the birds, to hug a tree, to eat forest fruits or just to lay on the grass and relax. The third biggest lake in Bulgaria – Batak, mirrors the sky and add more blue colors in your eyes.


The mixture of the west part of Rodopi mountain and the autumn shine of Cigov chark makes you feel happier. The food in the restaurants is homemade and delicious, I suggest you to overeat at least once.


I like walks in Rodopi mountain, but prefer more dynamic activities , so my trip continued to city of Peshtera– close to Cigov chark. It takes only 30 minutes to arrive, it’s approximately 23 km. It’s buggy time!

Heat Complex Hotel & Spa is a big monopoly in Peshtera, it owns a museum, hotel and spa, cafe, bar and buggy adventures. The buggy road is in in mountain of Peshtera and offers you selection of divisions – there are hairpin curves, many traverses, huge road bends. 2 hours of extreme buggy driving gave me adrenaline and waked me up for challenges. I could’n be able to manage the whole road, actually I drove a small part of it, so please be cautious who’s your partner gonna be! But no worries, the road is not so dangerous, just you need a sunny day, your smile and a good driver to share the magic of the mountain with. And be prepared to get very very dirty.

The road passes small brooks, mud and sandy areas and small abysses. The bonus of the buggy trip is on the finale line – crossing one gypsy neighborhood, dirty area with crazy jumping on your buggy kids, but think about it as a 10 minutes visitation of their territory.

My colorful autumn weekend continued with the cave of the mountain of Peshtera – “Snejanka”. It is very reachable and it takes 15 minutes to walk once you park your car. To meet “Snejanka”‘s cave world takes only 10 seconds going down the stairs on the entrance. After that is the effect of WOW! Crazy figures imitating our world -stalagmites, stalactites, stalactones resembling to churches, castles, animals, fairy tales underworld.


The “Snejanka”s cave tourist guy  is crazy enough to make you laugh loudly on his jokes and to hear your echo inside the cave.

My weekend stopped in Velingrad for a lunch, very famous city with its spa. Because of that I am planning to go on another trip – spa relaxation. Stay with me till my next trip. 🙂 Till then, go on the sunlight and gather some autumn colors.





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