Krushunski waterfalls/ Крушунски водопади

Now it is autumn but the sunny day today reminds me and inspires me to write about my summer adventure to Krushunski waterfalls (Крушунски водопади). From Sofia, it takes around 2 hours and a half to reach Krushuna village (с.Крушуна). There are many organized trips in Sofia which includes Krushuna waterfalls plus Lovech city and Devetashka cave. It can be self-organized also and both ways it’s cheap trip and it’s totally worth it!

Destination Krushuna waterfalls

Once you reach the village of Krushuna (North Bulgaria), you take the road to Krushunski waterfalls and you need to walk on the nice eco path. There are signs to guide you to and through the echo path. The entry is paid – 2-3 BGN (around 1.5 EUR) regular price.

Let’s the journey began!


The echo path of Krushunski waterfalls is short, it can be crossed within an hour and so beautiful! There are many small waterfall cascades very close to you. The reflection of the limestone in the rocks makes the water crystal blue and you want to swim or at least touch it! Krushunski waterfalls are famous for the beauty of the waterfalls, they are not very big but very charming. The water descends gracefully on the rocks, softly splash between the mountain of Krushuna mountain.


While looking on all your sides, discovering water wonders on every step, you reach the top of the echo path and there are some small caves and magnificent rocks.


There is another way to get down of the top. Both ways are amazing, most comfortable is to use the same road, as your car/bus will be parked closer.

The Krushunski waterfalls will propose you special places to stay, to listen to music, talk with friends, do some exercise. I did 🙂

It is a really beautiful area, very reachable and you can spend from 2 to 5 hours there depending what are your plans for the day.

The travel plan can be blended with a nice visit to Lovech city which is close to Krushuna village, also Devetashka cave is nearby and intrigues the tourist.

If I was water, I would be waterfall because of the perfection and the beauty I will distribute to the world!

Krushuna waterfalls definitely deserve your attention and admiration.



7 thoughts on “Krushunski waterfalls/ Крушунски водопади

  1. In 2010, I was one of the chaperones on my daughter’s зелено училище (green school) week in and around Lovech. Our first stop was the Крушунски водопади and it was indeed a memorable trip. Thanks for sharing your photos. We don’t have any because my then nine-year old used up the battery in our new camera by videotaping through the bus window throughout the drive to the waterfalls.

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  2. It is always nice to hear that someone else enjoyed your trips 🙂 I am very happy to remind you for your great time at Krushunski waterfalls 🙂

    Thank you for your comment 🙂


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    1. Yes, absolutely possible. I traveled by bus in a day to this place plus Devetashka cave and Lovech city. And the price is very cheap – less than 20 EUR. You should try it 🙂 In case you need a help, please write me back 🙂

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