Lovech city, Bulgaria

I already visited in a day Devetashka cave and Kruskunski waterfalls. My one day trip will finish with the city of Lovech.

From Devetashka cave is 18 km to reach Lovech city. Lovech – Sofia is around 152 km. It is situated in Central North part of Bulgaria. Good destination, close to Sofia – check it here.

I spent around 2 hours in Lovech and I felt the atmosphere of the city. I like the old town of Lovech city. Me and my crew found some really nice cobblestone streets.

We enjoined the locally famous Varosha Architectural and Historical Reserve.


We fall in love with one old charming house – in the old town of Lovech city.


The famous monument of Vasil Levski is in Lovech city. Vasil Levski is among a few strong revolutionaries during the Ottoman slavery of Bulgaria. Great personality for all Bulgarians! National proud!

Great place to walk around and have a nice meal on a cheap price!

Take the road!


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