2016 New Year trip to Bratislava

Well, the time for drawing the line to see what happened in 2016 is soon. Actually, we have less than 2 months. My year has been amazing, full of adventures, happy moments, love and nice people. Let’s get back to the point – the beginning of 2016. I and some friends decided to celebrate the new year in Bratislava, Slovakia and we have a short trip for some days in Vienna, Austria.

So, we took the road and drive from Sofia, Bulgaria to Bratislava, Slovakia. It’s around 10 hours with a car but can be more if there is a snow.


Of course, there was a snow during the trip and it was cold like hell!

But we ignore the fact we were freezing most of the time and we had so much fun in Bratislava.


During the centuries Austrians, Jews, Germans, Slovaks, Serbian, Hungarians, and Czechs had crossed the country and stamp it with their energy. Slovakia has great neighbors – Hungary and Austria, centuries ago there was a great empire here! On the shore of Danube Bratislava Castle – the symbol of the city, welcomes you gently to get it.

The castle is in the old town and attracts with the spirit of the past and all the antiques in its museum. The view of the Danube river is charming and the wind makes you feel free and enormous. Here I faced the view of the Danube river and with the shadow on the Castle on my hair, I made a wish and almost one year later, it becomes true!

The old town of Bratislava is with cobblestones, small and cozy shops, restaurants, bars. The food is delicious, very close to the German and Austrian food.

Most of the people speak German, Slovakian, English. So lucky!

I find Bratislava for a great city to be for a couple of days. It is a good option to stay there and to go around in Austria and discover even more places. Check out my Vienna experience.


Take the road!


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