2 winter days in Vienna – New years Eve 2016

We are a group of crazy people and friends and we stayed in Slovakia, Bratislava for the New Year’s eve of 2016, but we went to Vienna during the days to discover places and drink Viennese coffee. Here we go in front of the Stephansplatz and looking around. It’s amazing crowded and the noise of so many people makes me feel more energetical.


St. Stephen’s Cathedral – it’s enormous and breathtaking and I feel small and patient. Perfect time for best selfies 🙂  In front of the cathedral I see the royal view of some horses harnessed to a carriage – waiting to take you for a slow trip around Vienna.



Well, it is very cold, so from time to time, we drink Eierlikör and wine.



Belvedere, Vienna – Baroque palace and memorable style. We are freezing all but Belvedere wants us to stay more. I start dancing on the music I hear around – the feeling is much better – I am wormed and dancing in front of Belvedere makes me feel I am in the Times of Waltz.


Next stop – Prater, Vienna – while we are entering, crazy rock songs are playing and I and my besties start dancing wild and jumping. After the song, we go on the Wiener Riesenrad Ferris wheel and watch the city from the top of the Ferris. It’s Christmas time so there are lights in the sky and on the ground and songs in the air. But honestly the Wiener Riesenrad Ferris is not so high and you make only one circle with it. Still, it’s fun, because it’s one of the symbols of the city, but I expected more.


After some rest, it’s day 2 from our Vienna trip. We are in front of the Rathaus, Vienna – the city hall of Vienna. Around it’s full of people and Christmas bazaars. We eat and drink wine. Rathaus is all in lights and atmosphere. The bazaars are great places to spend money but enjoy it.

When passing Vienna State Opera we sit for a while to listen to the beautiful music. It is very nice and there are chairs outside where you can relax and immerse in the Vienna State Opera’s energy. Next time I would love to go inside for a show.

Schönbrunn Palace, the gardens are frozen and small crystals shine on the surface. I smile and my smile gets frozen but then I walk around to move my body and to inspire myself from the beautiful Palace. The snow and the crystals give a different perspective, stamp the place with coldness, but I find it for so beautiful!


Next time I will go during the spring or the summer and these places will be so different, I am sure. I can’t wait. It’s like your favorite cake – it can be with different flavors, but it’s always delicious.

Take the road!


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