Erasmus Plus as a way to travel

What is Erasmus plus and what are Erasmus plus opportunities?


Erasmus plus is a big platform, which provides young people to travel abroad and to learn new things, meet new people and discover cultures.

There are so many sources of information about what is Erasmus plus. Check here one of them: here.

Erasmus plus gives you the opportunity to go abroad because of:

  • Education – you can have a year during your bachelor or one semester during your master degree in European universities. Check your university for available opportunities and specializations abroad.
  • You can travel on youth trainings, youth exchanges, youth projects up to 12-20 days abroad on different topics matching your interests.
  • You can do EVS – European Volunteer service abroad for up to 1 year.

These activities are funded by the EU, but some of them are in countries on different continents than Europe! Because of the intercontinental agreements. So you have the chance to rock Europe and not only, but expand your travels to other continents.

The EU covers more of the expenses – you need in most of the cases only to provide pocket money. For some destinations your travel expenses are not fully covered, but still big portion of it it’s paid by the EU – more than 60 %. The money coverage is different, depending on the specific project.

I believe Erasmus plus is a must to do experience in your early 20s up to 25. As you are young and open-minded, you freely can travel and learn, meet people and create beautiful network and friends forever. You can practice, improve and learn new languages! Everybody enjoys Erasmus plus opportunities.Ask your friends who already are involved somehow in Erasmus + projects.


I have experienced the chance to be a participant in a youth trainings and exchanges. They were in Germany,France, Belgium,Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain. I applied only for topics related to my interests – business and entrepreneurship; Youth European parliament. I’ve learned in a really exciting way priceless knowledge. My teachers were creative and use only non-formal tools, so was great time and useful to be a part of all Erasmus + projects!

For all Bulgarian young people, here is the official site of the National Agency in Bulgaria. In every country there is a National Agency, where you can track the current projects available, the most updated information and you can contact them directly in case of any questions. The National Agency should support during and after the project all young participants. I personally had some issues with the reimbursement processes and contact them. I can say they are doing what they can, but are likely to help in every case.

If you are not from Bulgaria, check and find your National Agency in your country. It is an obligatory body in the Erasmus + Program in every country.

I encourage all young people to be involved in Erasmus + somehow. Even if you don’t like some project, it is always experience. Travel and feel the EU program opportunities!


I can’t wait to share with you soon my exact experience in each country, while I was on Erasmus + projects.

Stay with me!


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