One non shopping day in Milan

Well, we arrived at the airport Malpensa, which is 1 hour far away from the real Milan by bus. We took the bus and went directly to the city center of Milan.


There are enormous buildings in unique Italian-big-city style. Green places between and in the apartment areas.

Me and my travel mate stayed in Eco Art Hotel De Albertis. Old and art building, good price, nice atmosphere, close to the city center. You can find better option, but it will be comfy to be close to the city center of Milan for sure!

First thing to do after check-in the hotel – Milan Cathedral! Duomo di Milan!

Really amazing – yes! Nice details and ornaments, the fifth largest Christian church in the world – Duomo di Milan welcomes you to inspire yourself. It has the most statues compared with the other 4 big Christian Churches. On the square in front of it it’s crowded. Musicians are playing around and they are really good! They create charming atmosphere and bring up your smiley mood. The picture of Duomo di Milan and the whole atmosphere is absorbed through my skin and the feeling is ” I am where I should be right now”!

Personally, I don’t like pigeons and the people putting me forcibly food in my hands to feed them. I don’t like these guys who are selling stupid stuffs on the square and tracing you to trade with you. They destroy my attention and turn the square of Milan Cathedral into trashy market place. So I run away from them.


Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio is then the second amazing area in Milan. The church is built in brickwork of different origins and colors, with parts of stone and white plastering. It is very close from the Milan cathedral.


Also interesting is San Babila, Milan, San Carlo al Corso, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

Me and my travel mate decided not going at every touristic point but just walking through the city. We did not do any shopping activity, so this totally crossed us off the list of typical Milan tourists. We enjoyed the city atmosphere, the delicious pasta, the cookies and sweets and the wine and aperol. The aperol is typical Italian aperitif, very fresh and restorative. I recommend to drink it during the day also and combine with pasta!


Our adventurous day in Milan finished in the best way possible.

“The Globe”!

We found great top of the roof bar and dinner place to have a dinner. We tasted super cooked pasta with seafood and drink Italian wine. The place is “Globe” – last floor of Coin shopping center. It is a must to try it!


During the dinner we draw a plan how to get 200 km far away from Milan in the morning. One crazy day story in Bologna city is here D+2 on our trip.

Check my previous experience here while waiting for the updates!

Take the road!


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