Italy – What’s the schedule for today?

Previous day we arrived in Milano and after all day walking around, it’s our DAY 2 of the trip.

8:15 – Last nightwe planned to travel to Bologna. We need to book online bus tickets as recommended by my friend we are going to visit. We used Flixbus.

8:30 – Dressed up and ready to catch the bus at 10:00.

8:32 – Asking on the reception for the bus station and realizing we need to catch the underground train and to switch it with metro then, so we need more than an hour plus some walking.

After 9 – We are changing the train and need to take the right underground. Short conversation in the underground with young Italian lady.

  • Excuse me, could you confirm this is the right side to reach Verona piazza?
  • Yes…mmm…No! No, no… YES! NO…YES

The metro is coming and after the last yes we are in! wondering where we are going. The luck is on our side, we reach the destination right on time. We have 2 minutes to buy water and some croissants.

After 12 – We are at the central bus station of Bologna. My friend is coming! Chao and kisses. She prepared delicious homemade pasta at her home. So happy to see her. It’s been one year I have been in Bologna with her! We have so many topics to discuss!




We have been walking the whole day between the streets of Bologna, I recognized so many familiar places from my previous trip. I felt again the city’s atmosphere.

It’s time for pasta, bruscheti and aperol. More chatting. Italian language everywhere. I like it so much!

6:40 – we decide to go back to Milan with a train at 7:15. Paying the bill and going directly at Central Bologna train station. Without my friend we will never go back, even for her was difficult to understand where we need to go. We catch the train at the last minute and we are in.

Around 11:00 – we are in Milan very exhausted. But we realize we don’t have a toothpaste. It’s really hard to find open shop at this time in Italy. I had this problem on my previous visits. But we stay positive and trying to find one.

Tip: It’s always nice to have offline map on your phone. Without it, we will never find Carrefour shop. After walking more than 30 minutes, checking one closed Carrefour:( we arrived at another open Carrefour!!! 🙂  Going inside for fast shopping.

12:00 – We’re at home, putting alarm for 8:00 am. The touch of my pillow made me fall asleep in a minute.

Kisses from the airplane.


Can’t wait for my next trip! Kisses to Milan and Bologna!

Take the road!


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