Sibiu, Romania – Transylvanian capital in the dark

Have you ever experienced new city only in the night? My first time was in Sibiu, Romania – situated north-west of Bucharest.


I had to work during the daylight. So… Let’s discover the city in its dark side!

Sibiu has one of the most magnificent Christmas markets, so if you are looking for some Santa spirit – Sibiu’s Christmas market is a good place to find it. Lights and music everywhere, Christmas shops and handmade Christmas decoration; traditional sweets, food and glue wine. Smells delicious and … mmm it is!


The Romanian city has been European capital in 2007 and capital of Transylvania. It has many museums and historical parts. Sibiu has beautiful cathedrals with energy from the centuries and unique old style.


What U should never miss if you go in Sibiu?

Old city!

  • Big Square (Piata Mare) – here is the Christmas market every year. The square is in the heart of the old city of Sibiu!
  • Turnul Sfatului – The Tower of the Council


  • Lutheran Evangelical Cathedral & Tower
  • Medieval Bridge of Lies, Sibiu


A legend says if someone tells a lie on the bridge, it starts moving and making crazy noises.

Once you are in the Old town, there are plenty of nice restaurants to go. My favorite is Benjamin. Nice food and charming atmosphere.


The Lower town! Sibiu has more surprises for U! Here everything is going down – all the streets and directions. My tops are:

  • Turnul Scarilor – The Tower of Stairs


  • Passage of Stairs

Here if you’ve missed to eat in the Old town – don’t missed the Lower town of Sibiu and its restaurants! There are small cozy streets in Italian style and Italian restaurants

Also there are typical Romanian restaurants.

Try traditional mamaliga and traditional Romanian dessert!

I enjoyed so much this Romanian city – Sibiu! Strongly recommend it for your next trip.

I challenge you: Take the road and share with me some daily light pictures of Sibiu!



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