Craiova, Romania

It’s time to explore the Romanian city – Craiova!

Where on the map?  Here!

What I’ve checked:

It is so spiritual place and there are lights and music everywhere. The Christmas market smells on sausages, hot bread and chocolate.

We are now in the city center, on the main square Prefecture Square Craiova. I expected to see big fountains, so called Craiova Musical Fountain  but because of the winter the fountains are a beautiful ice rink for ice skating. I was skating on the Romanian music, doing circles under the Christmas lights.



During my Craiova exploring I chose the worst time for Nicolae Romanescu Parc. Even it is announced it’s open 24/7 there are no lights in the night time. So I walked 40 minutes to see it’s not safe to enter the park. One tip: Go to the park during the day. Feel free to share with me your experience.

Craiova’s Art Museum. The building is impressive and somehow alive….



Last on my list for sightseeing is Metropolitan Cathedral of St. Demetruis in Craiova.


I visited the Cathedral during the night and I believe this is the perfect time. It was calm and quiet around – only the Cathedral, the shiny alley, the moon and me!


Everything is with a lot of garlic and onion!

Tip: Travel to Craiova but combine with other Romanian cities to have more fun!

Take the road!




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