Between The Old town and The Lower town in Sibiu – Gossip tree

It’s been one amazing day in Sibiu, Romania!

The city is more alive than ever. From a week lots of strikes against the new government’s laws! Good job, Romania!

But this is another story. And my story is happening every day between the Old Sibiu Town and The Lower town of Sibiu –Gossip tree!  Just click on the name and you will see the location.


Let’s enter the story and go directly into the Wonderland!


The store collects beautiful unique cloths and jewelries from 40 Romanian designers from Sibiu! Everything is arty and you feel like the cloths are telling you stories…


I love home made nice creative style and this shop is full of this!

It smells like home and the music makes me feel like I want to start painting… or at least to create something beautiful!



If you have the chance to visit Sibiu in Romania, this shop is exactly for you. You can have amazing gifts or also you can add something really beautiful and different in your wardrobe!

The Gossip Tree Boutique facebook page is here. I have more good news for you. You can contact them and make your order online and they might be able to send you what you want 🙂

I have the feeling this will return as my practice 🙂

And most but not least the lady in the shop is charming and can make your day. One of the few people who really loves her job!



2 thoughts on “Between The Old town and The Lower town in Sibiu – Gossip tree

  1. Gossip Tree

    Wow!!! This is great! Make our heart go bigger and happier!!! Thank you and you are always welcome and next time you come to Sibiu we’ll wait you with sweet coffee!!! Much love!! Gossip Tree Team 🙏🏻❤️


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