Transilvanian sky in Brasov, Romania

For centuries the Romanian city Brasov has been gateway towards the South and East. The Harvard professor Samuel Huntington used the term “The Clash of Civilizations” for Brasov.

I see for the second time in my life the name of the city “written” in the mountain. The first time was in Los Angeles.


The Old Town of the city still reminds us for the Medieval battles. The Old Town had been fortress. This can be seen from the top of the Mount Tampa, one of the crazy things to do in Brasov. The Mount Tampa is an easy way to „climb“ the mountain and to have the best view on the top. It takes around 14 minutes in both directions to go on the top and back.

IMG_20170305_114153-EFFECTSYou can be lost in The Old Town of Brasov and start thinking you are in Italy not in Romania. Sorry for the comparison, but I really see a lot of common things between Romanian and Italian and the languages are closed enough so they can understand each other perfect!

The long pedestrian street in the heart of The Old Town of Brasov is beautiful and can take you directly in front of the Cathedral on the main square – Council Square of Brasov. For all tourist there are plenty of bars, restaurants, coffee bars. I am in love with the main square of the Romanian city Brasov. I can stay here with hours just to drink coffee and be grateful for the moment!


The Old town of Brasov has green areas and relaxing zones, so it is really nice to have time for the city, not to be in a rush there!


The night life is interesting, it is a nice mixture between Balkans and Western Europe spirit. I had delicious dinner in Brasserie Brasov on the Council Square. Check it at tripadvsor here: Brasserie Brasov. During the dinner there was incredible music. The decors on the floor and on the roof are kind of religious and at the same time very beautiful. The style inside is medieval and modern, perfect combination. The place is so unique and I strongly recommend it!

TIP: Don’t expect the spirit of the Old Town to be outside of the Old Town. After going out of the Old Town of Brasov, you are in a big Romanian city – crowded, dirty, a lot of people in a rush. Better plant to spend the night in The Old Town, there are small boutique hotels with breakfast included on a fare prices.

This destination can be combined with the Castle Bran, the castle of Dracula. Also close is the Castle Peles. Unfortunately I couldn’t manage to visit these castles as my travel was just for a weekend, but this is a sweet excuse to go back and to look for more adventures in Romania again.


Take the road!


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