One amazing day in Hydropark Wind Mills

If you live in Sofia, Bulgaria or stay in Sofia for a couple of days, it is a good chance to visit Hydropark Wind Mills. Very close situated to Sofia – 30 minutes by car, close to Dolna Malina village.


This is an amazing way to spent one day or the whole weekend.

Especially in the summer days there are lots of attractions there.



For more information you can check Hydropark Wind Mills site here.


My staying there was on a team building, so I can recommend it as a very nice place to be with your colleagues. So much space for games, relaxing, chatting, volleyball and so much fun!



It was a lot of fun there! I love the park area, the flora and fauna and the beautiful peacocks!




The area is very green and the air is so fresh, it smells on forest and flowers…


Let me share my favorite nook there – it is kind of Italian style, it is lovely and it charms with coziness and nature!





Hydropark Wind Mills is really attractive place to be – you can combine sunbathing with archery, horse riding, walking, zoo visit, volleyball and walking through nooks with smell of Russia, Japan and



Discover by yourself Hydropark Wind Mills! One of the places in Bulgaria which gives you the touch of Paradise.

Special Thanks to Vesela Vukova for the amazing photos! The beauty is in the eye of the beholder! 

In case you are charmed by her talent – find her in facebook by simply clicking on her name Vesela Vukova .

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