Summer day in Vitosha, Sofia

The hut “Момина скала” is situated near Sofia, in the beautiful mountain Vitosha. It takes 30-40 minutes by car from Sofia and you are at the foot of the mountain.



It is amazing place to spend one whole day relaxing and breathing the fresh mountain air. Vitosha is always a nice escape from the big city Sofia.

There are big wide green areas for relaxing with friends, many benches, hammocks and Wooden gazebos.



There are many touristic paths you can take and reach other huts and areas from the hut “Момина скала”. The closest are Boyana Waterfall (45 min); Historical site “Момина скала”; hotel Elitsa; The Мoraines.

Vitosha is alive! The heart of Vitosha is beating with the Rhythm of all people’s hearts who love the mountain.


Also if you don’t have time to prepare delicious food – no worries , there are some places you can buy food from. The food is ordinary but very delicious. Also there is one pastry shop in the mountain around the hut “Момина скала”, so the brunch picnic will be organized very easy.

You can take your dog, kids and friends and enjoy the sky under Vitosha mountain.


It is a good plan how to avoid high temperatures during the summer day.


Well, don’t waste your time and just go to enjoy Vitosha mountain!



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