Travelling in the world of wines while staying in Sofia

This is a story for travelling by our senses.

We don’t see… But we do taste! We can smell it mmmm… We can drink it!



Blind degustation of Sauvignon Blanc in Elvinos shop, Sofia. Find them HERE .

Absolutely fun! The bottles are hidden and we should guess which country is represented by each wine.


Delightful atmosphere and Sauvignon Blanc!

We are travelling on the Bulgarian Black sea side, then we go in Italy, France, Argentina, Chile!

Every taste is different and we close eyes and feel the shades of the wine bouquet.

Freshness. Grassy scents. Bright palette of exotic fruits.

Wine travelling is always nice choice to spend time with friends in Sofia.

Thanks Wine Boutique Elvinos.

Thanks to the best Sommelier of the Year Jivko Enchev .

Summer mood on and let’s keep track for next degustations at Elvinos.



2 thoughts on “Travelling in the world of wines while staying in Sofia

  1. This sounds like a super fun activity! I wouldn’t object to tasting different wines from all over the world:) Did you guess many correctly? I know I wouldn’t be able to, haha! Thanks for sharing:)


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