What The Moraines simbolize? Vitosha mountain, Sofia

The Mountain massif Moraines in the heart of the symbol of Sofia – Vitosha mountain is magnificent place to be! It is very reachable – 30-45 minutes by car.


The Stone river – one of the next wonders of the world?

The Moraines of Vitosha are a symbol of great old times. Thracians!

The vitality of the megalithic composition of The Moraines is monstrously complicated. All stone rivers (The moraines) are connected in a mega-complex covering the eastern and western parts of Vitosha Mountain. Exactly where the Solstice is happening!


The Sun Solstice is two times a year, summer solstice and winter solstice. Then the sun reaches its highest or lowest point in the sky at noon, marked by the longest and the shortest day. Some theories say this long/ short day can be entertain by its entirety exactly on the Moraines. The place is good to catch up the first and the last sun light.

Nowadays the stone river of Vitosha is a good improvised “beach” in the summer days. People are laying on the enormous rocks. The place is good for sunbathing.


May be Thracians did it the same way. They strongly believed in the power of Sun.


Go to feel their energy on the rocks!




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