Health and Sport Festival, Sofia, South Park

Health and Sport festival in Sofia, South park before 3 days has past – one of the most meaningful festivals I have recently enjoyed in Sofia, South Park.


I got the idea to start calendar activity on my blog and to schedule all upcoming cool events in Sofia. What do you think?

I like the idea to be surrounded with healthy drinks and food, to have organized open-door classes. You can dance Bulgarian traditional dances and Latino dances, there were zumba, yoga, tabata, fat burning and many more activities. IMG_20170701_182258.jpg

The Health and Sport Festival was during the past weekend and South Park was so alive. Actually I love South park. Every time I am here I find myself so chilling! , people are relaxed and there are kids playing and dogs scrambling.


So the festival was just what I needed for my Saturday, it combined the 3 things I love – Healthy way of life, variety of sport activities and It was held in South Park, Sofia!

Let me show you my tour.  What I met for the first time – Mother Nature Bio Product. These cosmetic products are 100 % Bio and you can even eat them! and they are even delicious! So cool!

What I also like a lot and taste it!

The festival is over but as I promised soon I will implement event calendar and you’ll never miss cool event in Sofia!

The summer mood is on and South Park is amazing place to spread your vibes and energy!



3 thoughts on “Health and Sport Festival, Sofia, South Park

  1. I remember taking my preschool son to this festival when we lived in Sofia several years ago. We tended to go to Borissova Gradina and NDK because of where we lived, but South Park is lovely as well. Thanks for sharing.


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