How to pack smart!

Hi dears!

I will share with you my secrets how to pack smart. It is summer time now and everybody thinks about vacations so I hope you will find my article useful.

We live in a busy every day life and the vacations are the time we chill and relax. But before reaching the desired destination it is hard to handle with your stuffs.

So let’s start packing!


Depending on the case bring proper clothes. Think about the place you will be in a couple of days. For example if you go on the seaside your swimwear is a must plus some shorts, t-shirts, tops and 1-2 dresses for all the shinny girls/ 1-2 more official shirts. That’s it, don’t make it complicated. For mountain lovers warmer clothes and more pair of socks. And of course any special equipment you may have.



It’s summer time now – flip flops, sandals, sneakers, beach shoes/ mountain shoes. If your vacation is not very very extraordinary – this is more or less enough. One advise for the girls – if you don’t feel comfy on your high shoes, leave them at home. You all are sexy enough and with some suntan you will be so hot!



It is always much easier if you have some basic medicines with you. Especially if you travel abroad this can save you money. Basic medicines for the throat, the ears, to regulate your temperature, for fever. Some vitamins is a plus.

Put your bathroom stuffs in a small case. May be in the hotel they will have everything you need – check with them. In this case your brushing teeth is enough. If not, these nice stuffs on the picture below should be in your suitcase.


Girls magics – your favorite perfume, your shinny jewels and your smile!

For the airplane:


For everybody’s summer vacation – bring your sunscreen and your glasses.


I know your phone is your life – don’t forget the charger!

Last but not least – your passport, ID card and all required documents. Your money.

If you travel with your car – all documents for the car.

And you are almost ready for the adventures! Yes, I said almost, because one notebook in your suitcase will help you write your memories.


Pack smart and enjoy the summer vacations. I am ready with my luggage and soon I will be far away from my home. Can’t wait to share with you my new destination. For now I will keep it as a surprise.

I give you my summer energy!




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