Malaria and malarone – wanna go in Africa?

Wanna go in Africa?


First of all, let’s start with some clarification about malaria. You get infected by mosquito bite. Till the middle of 20 century this disease was existing even in Bulgaria but now malaria is a disease of countries and regions with a tropical and subtropical climate. The infection among humans is by blood. The symptoms of malaria are high temperature, fever, sweating. Today is curable.


So as I said you can get infected of malaria by mosquito bite. If you are protected well by repellent, the chance to be bitten is very small. When you are on the ocean beach there are no mosquitoes at all because of the breeze. Check details about my repellents HERE .

Malarone is a pill against malaria. If you take these pills even a bite from infected mosquito should not infects you. There are different types of pills against malaria but the malarone which we took is one of the best products and with less side effects. On the picture is our malarone.


You can always check in internet about all side effects. I can list one of the most common: headache, fatigue, disorder and stomach problems. Somewhere in the many side effects of different type medicaments, I have read as a side effect blindness… I mentioned this to convince you in case you’ll take pills against malaria to invest more money. Our malarone is one of the best products. We bought it in Austria. Our repellent are from there also.

Everywhere in internet it’s written “pills against malaria are highly recommended”. But I stopped taking them on the 3rd day because of kidney pain. We were in Africa (Tanzania) during the dry period or the winter and there weren’t so many mosquitoes actually. After I stopped the pills I continue to protect myself only by repellent and everything was ok! Some of my friends took all the pills and they didn’t have side effects. It’s up to. But don’t worry – everything will be ok!

Pole Pole ( in Swahili means take it easy).


If you want to buy malarone you should know more details. First – you need a prescription. These malarone pills are not found in every European country. I know Greece, England, Germany, Austria have them. This is not the full list with all the countries.

It is important to plan in advance buying the pills. You need to be careful about the milligrams. Check in the prescription you’ll get. The malarone should be taken one pill per day. It’s recommended to start 1-2 days in advance before your arrival in Africa and to continue 3-4 days after returning home. The pills are very strong and you should not take them before eating. By the way the food is so perfect, so delicious in Zanzibar!

Below one of my favorite squids with vegetables, lime and passion fruit dressing.


This is it. A lot of new information and at first it might be scary. I felt the same. But as soon as you get aware of and take care of yourself, everything will be fine and your exotic holiday will be an incredible experience!

Can’t wait to share with you my experience with vaccines for travelling in Central Africa, Tanzania, Zanzibar.

Stay cool and keep exploring the world!



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