Vaccines in Tanzania

There are 3 recommended vaccines for Tanzania, island Zanzibar – hepatitis B, typhus and yellow fever. Hepatitis B and typhus can be spread by poor hygiene and dirty hands. Yellow fever is an infection of a mosquito bite.


Main rule in Africa – wash your hands before you touch your face and before eating!


It’s up to you what kind of vaccines you will do before your trip. None of the 3 are a must, so you won’t have any problems when you arrive. This is only for the region of Tanzania (especially island Zanzibar), so if you’ll go in a different part of Africa, you should definitely check for mandatory vaccines. You might not be allowed to entry the region if there are mandatory vaccines and you don’t have vaccine book with your vaccine history. In Bulgaria this book looks like:

If you did some vaccines – take your vaccine book on your trip.

Me and my friends have only vaccine against yellow fever. We didn’t have any side effects. It is not recommended to have a baby 3-6 months after this vaccine.

If you are from Bulgaria and you’ll do your vaccines in Sofia – here is the address of the Metropolitan Regional Inspection in Sofia:

str. “Vranya” № 20, floor 2

It is recommended to get a phone call first and to keep an hour for yourself. Phones of Metropolitan Regional Inspection: 02/ 813 04 13; 02/ 813 04 00.

This is the side of Metropolitan regional Inspection Sofia

This is a very sensitive topic for travelers so I really hope what I’ve shared was useful.

Keeping motivated to go in Africa!



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