Spice tour on the spice island Zanzibar

Island Zanzibar, Tanzania, is called Spice island. Here there are variety of cocking spices (spices for fish, chicken and other meat), spices and herbs used in medicine, spices for decoration and home usage. Some spices are even used for construction materials.


The ocean food and all exotic fruits are so delicious and the spices turn them into paradise food. The taste of Zanzibar food is unforgettable.

Our spice tour in one Zanzibar plantation overturned our imagination of some plants, herbs and fruits. Let’s start the tour now!


We are walking through the forest plantation, it smells so strong of so many spices and fruits. It is relaxing and our best tour guide Hassan is with us ready to explain about every tree, every grass and everything we are seeing.

Find Hassan’s facebook here and you better contact him if you want to travel through Zanzibar, Tanzania.


Nutmeg tree. My first time I see it.

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Cacao tree. Why I start thinking of chocolate!?


Lipstick tree. From this tree local produce lipsticks for women. It is natural, shiny colorful and long-lasting. A local guy shows us how to use it 🙂


Carnation flower. We discovered the Swahili  word is pronounced exactly the same as in Bulgarian language. So many plant names in Swahili are common with the Bulgarian words for the same things. May be common origins..? Carnation flower is used for massage oil. Locals use carnation to cook the local specialty pilaf rice and for medical purposes.


Vanilla tree – first time I see vanilla as a tree. The vanilla flower changes its color from green to brown and even black.

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Pineapple flower. Wow, it is beautiful and colorful! I want to have it in my garden some day when I have a garden.


Sesame – looks like a high grass. It is used for producing oil.


Tamarind tree casuarina


Lemon grass. It is curious fact that locals make fire with this grass and the mosquitoes fly away. So the lemon grass is like a natural repellent.

Henna plant – this plant is used for painting and decoration for body and hair. The color is red and turns into black when it’s dried.


Black pepper – the pepper is at first white and turns into black.


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Cinnamon tree – I love cinnamon. My favorite tree. We tasted some parts of the bark and the root of the tree. The root parts smell like medicines and they are used for that, as our guide Hassan explain to us.

Curry tree – We tried the leaves and here it comes the well-known scent and taste of curry.


Coffee graves

Ylang ylang plant – Chanel 5 is made by this plant.

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We have tasted and smelled many more fruits, trees and grasses. We tried local tea made from spices. We bought amazing gifts as soaps made by herbs, spices for any kind of food and exotic perfume for me!

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Zanzibar island is staggering! I am in love with it!

This spice tour is once in a life experience that touches all your senses and imagination.




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