African doors against elephants!

We are walking on the streets in Stone Town (Zanzibar), Tanzania. I already shared with you my experience- check it here .



Hassan, our tour guide is with us – his facebook. You can alwasy contact him.

We are in front of a door against elephants. Yes! There are no elephants at all on the island Zanzibar! but in the past Indians who have built these doors didn’t know 🙂 Hassan explains to us they believed these doors can really protect them if elephants walk through the streets. So this is like a heritage from Indians who have lived here in Africa, on the island Zanzibar.



I find myself asking “Are these doors really safe?” And the answer is – “No”. Hassan and my friends start laughing.

Hakuna Matata! Life is good and there is а tease on every corner.




36 thoughts on “African doors against elephants!

  1. Oh my goodness!!! So many beautiful doors in Stonetown. I loved Zanzibar and Stone Town too! It was truly a gem of cultural highlights. So much history and the people long to tell travelers as you can tell they feel their story is untold. The architecture is definitely something to be remembered. Love it!!!


    1. Hi dear, thank you for sharing your amazement from Stone town. I am happy you have been there too! Definitely Zanzibar is full of story, architecture and beautiful nature 🙂


  2. Grace | Impulsive Adventures

    Wow that’s such an interesting door! I’ve never seen one like that. I wonder how many accidents they have…


      1. Grace | Impulsive Adventures

        I was thinking more of accidents with people running into the doors! I could just picture myself accidentally tripping into it.


    1. Hi dear! Thanks for your interest and commend. Your friends are really lucky and I definitely recommend you Zanzibar as a great place to go. May be your friends already have friends from there but in case you need some useful contacts, you can always right 🙂
      Keep travelling!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Jaja, Actually if the elephants were on the other side, these doors would not stop them. But on the island no elephants 🙂 Still on my list to see some 🙂
      Thanks for your interest, lexieanimetravel!


    1. Hi dear! Thanks for your interest 🙂 Good that you put Zanzibar on your list, I strongly recommended! Good luck and I wish you a lot of funny adventures.


  3. I like the architecture of the doors. You’ll find similar ones in many Indian Forts, built for the same reason of course – protection from elephants. Loved the sunset point.. beautiful photos! 🙂


    1. Hi Shaily! Thanks for your interest and your comment 🙂 I would love to visit India soon 🙂 good point for the doors. I am happy you liked the sunset, I loved it 🙂
      I wish you a lot of crazy adventures!


    1. Hi dear! Thanks for your interest. It is nice to see I show something fresh and new. Thanks for your appreciation and I wish you a lot of crazy travel moments beyond the limits 🙂


    1. Hi dear, thanks for reading it! I strongly recommend Zanzibar as a great place to be! If you plan someday a trip there, you can contact me for details and I know some locals there that can help a lot!
      Sending you positive vibes!


  4. Zanzibar – Tanzania, has been o my bucket list for ages, thanks for sharing such a fascinating story, I loved seeing your photographs especially that I love looking at unique doors, and this one with he story behind it made it even more fascinating to read.


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