Prison island (Zanzibar, Tanzania)

In the past when the ships returned to Zanzibar island, they departed here, and if the people were sicked/ deceased they stayed on the Prison island (an island in Indian ocean, Tanzania). If they were healthy and good, they went home after a quarantine period. That’s why this island is called Prison island.

Prison island looks more like Paradise island…

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I love Prison island. Me and my friends arranged one day trip to Prison island and to Stone Town.

Our capitan is shinning!

It is easy to go to Prison island. Once in Zanzibar, Tanzania you need to go to the Zanzibar port in Stone town. There are lots of small boats and locals who can take you there through Indian ocean. Better options is to buy a day excursion with a guide – visiting Prison island plus some snorkeling above amazing coral reef and zebra fishes.

After that you can land in Stone town port and walking through the city.

The price is around 40 USD.

You can take this trip from your hotel or choose an offer by locals.

Our guide was Hassan Bin Haji. He also organized for us amazing Spice tour.

He is very nice guy and we became friends. Perfect tour guide for the whole Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Nowadays Prison island is the home of giant old turtles. So stunning place with azure shore. The Tanzanian turtles live till 200 years! The oldest creates I have ever seen.

On the shell of this turtle is written its age 🙂

And the baby turtles are so cute. I can hold them in my hands. These turtles are the proof that as locals say “pole pole” which means take it easy, is the best formula for longevity.

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In front of us two turtles dove in a love game – spectacular and sound. The turtles are rare species and locals enjoy their love acts because they will populate.

Hello from my new friend – Prison island giant turtle

Despite of the the fact they are so enormous and interesting, the turtles can bite you painfully and you have to be cautious. In the sun they fall into a state of complete inactivity.

And I hear your question “What else I can see on this Prison island?” Well, the beauty of the nature, crystal clear water, silence of the past and ocean birds…

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Kisses and stay with me on the road! Africa is always the best choice!


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