Many cows = a house/ an apartment + a car + a good job!

We are here on the island Zanzibar in Tanzania. We arranged everything about 6 months ago so now we can enjoy Africa! I strongly recommend to discover Africa.

On a lonely island nearby Zanzibar

Here you can find useful information what to know in advance before going in Africa, Zanzibar.

Preparation for Zanzibar – TIPS

Malaria and malarone


Passport and Visa for Tanzania

First impressions from Zanzibar. The main asphalt roads are two, some roundabouts and almost no road signs. Driving is on the left sides, UK standard. There are sand roads through the forest between the palms and the small huts of the locals.

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While passing through Jozani forest we see some unique Zanzibar red colobus monkeys. They can be seen only here! They are staring with you sometimes but actually don’t care much what happen around. Small, cute and indifferent – this is the behavior of the red colobus monkeys on the island.

Unfortunately this is a pet monkey not red colobus monkey

People here live simple and they are very poor. There are some parts with no electricity and water. But I can see some locals are driving expensive cars like jeep. Big contrast. And while some parts are so poor there are places on the island Zanzibar which take you to Paradise.

Drinking wine in Indian ocean! Cheers !

We spent our blessed time in such paradise – our hotel Coco Paradise is on Jambiani beach.



African playing game which I didn’t understand

I’ve never been in such exotic and romantic place. Here everything is perfect for the tourists – there is spa, massages, restaurants, perfect fresh ocean food, clean wide beaches and amazing stuff. Hakuna matata!


While travelling through the island I see schools and small kids dressed in tidy uniforms, the colors are white and blue.

African girl is going to school barefoot in Zanzibar

The driver of our car explains that in Tanzania the kids are going to school the whole year, there is no summer vacation, just some fests during the year. Some of the kids are going to school barefoot and this looks so natural! I love the eyes of the Zanzibar kids!

Kids playing with a bicycle
Kids playing on the beach
Me playing with kids

The richest local people in Zanzibar have many cows. This is a big sign of prosperity here.

Many cows (in Zanzibar) = a house/ an apartment + a car + a good job (in Europe)

But I think all locals are rich because of the beautiful nature on the Spice island Zanzibar.


No matter where you come from, you will be able to understand locals on the African coast because they speak very good English as England colony in the past. And some of them are ready to teach you some Swahili 🙂

The crab wonders “What are you waiting for?”

What are you waiting for? Start planning your vacation to Zanzibar, Tanzania!





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