Constanta – the biggest port of Romania

Constanta Destination – check it here!


It is easy to arrive at Constanta. There are many ways but from Bucurest is the easiest way, by bus. Bucurest is the capital of Romania and you can find plenty of flights arriving at Bucurest.

Constanta is a big Romanian city situated on the Black Sea. It has the biggest Romanian seaport and it is a strong water connection for Romania for centuries.

My visit here was because of Erasmus Plus Exchange Program. We were youth group of 25 people from different European countries – Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Turkey (non-European country), Greece.


I spent one really amazing day in Constanta playing “where is what”.

With my Romanian spiritual sister 

Where is the oldest building in Constanta? – The oldest building is Constanta Casino situated along The Black Sea alley in the old part of the city center. This is the most impressive building here and it’s a pure love for the architects’ eyes.


Where you can get some fun with locals? – On the Black sea alley in the old part of Constanta. Actually right where the Constanta Casino is. It is a very nice boardwalk and you can feel and smell the sea, touch the Romanian spirit and even talk with some locals.


Is there a mosque in Constanta? – Yes, part of the locals is Muslims.

Where is the best place to eat? – Tomis Harbor. It is part of the port and there are restourants and nice coffee shops.


Find one beautiful beach on the Black Sea in Constanta. – Easy! Mamaia Beach is natural and gives you a charming wide view of the sea. It is a nice place to walk, jump, relax, have a sit and just watching the water.


Constanta has many museums and I visited The Museum of National History and Archeology. It was curious to see plenty of the Romanian history, traditional clothes, and accessories. It was a mixture of Greek and Roman heritage. We found out interesting pieces and fragments from Romanian sculptors, painters, artist.

I spent one really crazy and busy day in Constanta and I loved the city. It is not so big as Bucurest but it has authentic spirit and salt taste.


It was totally worth it to visit Constanta even for a day. Actually, you don’t need to spend many days – just a weekend is enough to enjoy the city and explore the interesting places there.

I see you checking for a ticket! Let me do the same and find my next destination!



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