Stay fit every day!

This is a part of me I didn’t show before. I have been playing handball for 12 years. I love workouts! I have been dancing for 2 years and a half Latin dances. I go to Zumba classes, Kango Jumps, aerobics. I usually swim once per week.


No matter how much work I have or how busy I feel I am, I do have time for my body. It is an excuse when people say they are too busy to go to the gym. The truth is they prioritize other things but not their own body.

In my life, I have been training different sports and I am always motivated to stay fit, to have time for myself, to refresh my mind. Even if there is no time to go in a class or in the gym, I can do some exercise at home! Now when the winter is coming on the side of the Planet I am, I start with home workouts. Together with my puppy. He helps me to push myself and it is really funny!

I train, he sleeps

When I am traveling I stay fit and practice exercise at the hotel, sometimes I am taking really long walks – easy-burn-calories.

Nice walk in Stone Town, Zanzibar, Africa

I am a big fan of Kayla Itsines and her amazing exercise. Click on her name and check her facebook page. She is super hot and her workout programs are quite hard. When I am traveling I can easily train for 27 minutes.


Another gorgeous Lady from FITNESINSTRUCTOR.She is Rumi – find her facebook page HERE. She is from Bulgaria and she can give you valuable tips how stay fit no matter where you are, how often you are traveling, how busy you are at work.


This is my secret to enjoying LIFE. Especially when you are traveling you should take care of your body because you change the place you live, you taste different types of food and drinks. This can be very stressful. Even 15 minutes workouts are enough!

Next time when you pack your luggage put your sports equipment there! Enjoy Life!



6 thoughts on “Stay fit every day!

  1. thanks for the leads for online coaches. I hope they arent soley for women cause I train hard at home but when I travel I lose focus cause I am usually out of my environment. Though I do participate in more outside activities, I usually overeat and drink beer which thwart my waistline. Need to get better at this!


    1. Hi Eric 🙂 the exercises are not only for ladies. Maybe for you will be hard to stretch but don’t push yourself hard into this. Also enjoy the bear and food but then just walk a bit . 🙂 Keep travelling!


  2. Love Kayla’s workouts! They are awesome for when you are traveling or just when you want to get a quick workout in a home. Great post about something we can often take fore-granted when travelling 🙂


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