2 FUN FACTS about Los Angeles

I spent just 2 days in Los Angeles. This is not enough even to get used to the air.

Los Angeles, California!


Main rule: You need a car! The distances are big and you better have a car with you.

My first impression is it’s crowded and I see a lot of poor people on the streets. On the other side, I had the nice chance to walk through the Orange County streets and wow… Amazing country houses, summerhouses, beautiful huge houses with colorful gardens. Expensive cars on the streets. Exclusive shops. Orange County is a nice area in LA, California! Some of the houses are properties of Hollywood stars.

Orange County streets



1. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a sidewalk with stars. It was not so impressive neither so wide and shiny.


2. The Hollywood letters are seen so small from the city center that I can’t even share a nice photo of them.

What I love about Los Angeles is the beautiful wide beaches with soft sand and ocean breeze. Amazing pink clouds and the sound of the ocean … people are running, doing exercises, chilling, eating around the ocean, riding bicycles. Kissing on the beach. It is an incredible atmosphere. Best place for a picnic.



Two days are not enough at all. I am going to be back here. It was a pleasure to spend some time in LA and to taste the atmosphere!

Keep traveling!


2 thoughts on “2 FUN FACTS about Los Angeles

  1. Two days is not enough time. I agree that you must have a car to experience LA. Orange County is a beautiful area. And the beaches around LA are some of the most beautiful I’ve seen.


  2. findworldsbeauty

    Los Angeles is really large and you spend a whole lot of time in traffic jams, other than that it is a fun city though with lots of things to do, thanks for sharing!


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