Svetlana Arsova – passion and art!

Dear friends,

I have the very special chance to get an interview with Svetlana Arsova!

Svetlana is the leader among the most successful and popular makeup artists in Bulgaria and the only one who published already her second book – specialized literature about makeup, art, beauty, fairy tales. The book is “Приказна“ (“Fabulous).

She is an amazing personality, learner, self-developer, teacher, spiritual leader, writer, in a complete harmony with herself. Svetlana Arsova is even more colorful than her palette paints! Let’s discover together her great personality.


I like my new role – to be a journalist.

I asked Svetlana about her hobbies.

Svetlana has spiritual hobbies. She is studying astrology and she always explores who stays in front of her. She is Libra from the Zodiac – subordinated by Venera, the planet of beauty! This is also the most harmonized Zodiac and her personality and her voice give you the sensibility of calmness and tranquillity. She is always open to the others – good listener and advisor. The most exciting in her astrology studying is how the valuable astrological knowledge can be used for medicinal purposes. She shared with me her childhood dream to become a doctor.

“What happened with that dream” – I asked.

Svetlana laughs “I caught the palette paints when I was 18 years old and I could never give up on my passion to be a makeup artist.”


Every day she works to develop herself. She has started studying very hard theology a year ago and she is passing regularly exams. This is one of her passions in life which she is crazy about. After finishing her education she will become theologian which is one of the things on her wish list.

Svetlana: “When you are a child, your parents stamp you with water in the church and you become Christian. From this moment this will be the most powerful source where you can get support, blessings, love, patience, knowing. “

“When I opened The Bible for the first time I was able to understand everything there and it was easy for me to read it. That’s how I thought seriously I should start studying theology.”

Svetlana has art hobbies: knitting, tapestries, writing, painting.

She shares the formula for her success – every night she ends the day with a pray and meditation. “This is the most powerful energy for raising up the creative potential in every personality”.

Me: Please, Svetlana, tell us more about your makeup academy and your students.

Svetlana explains with enthusiasm how everyone gets an individual education as we all are unique and special. She works with her students as they are her friends.

Svetlana:”I will give them my brushes. I will tell them to start with the makeup of a lady who is going online on the TV right after the makeup and I will finish her makeup. This is the best education – I teach them to be careful with the brushes and to take responsibilities. But the most important is to be moral.”

Her main rule is not to put out the light of her students.

It is really nice to see this kind of teachers exist – they teach with love and passion!

Me: What were the hardest moments in 2017? What significant happened?

She shares with a smile she didn’t really have hard moments. Beautiful things had happened in 2017.

I believe her as I see her harmony in everything she is doing! When people work with love the work is a joyful ritual.

She published her second book “Приказна“ (“Fabulous”). The first one was “Гримирана“. Amazing specialized literature for art, artists, makeup, painting, fairy tales, women beauty.

Svetlana: “The women I am painting on are different types – with big hearts, smiley eyes, smiley faces, charismatic.”

In 2017 after publishing her book “Приказна“, she has been traveling around the bigger Bulgarian cities to meet with friends, followers and to teach or at least give to all her professional advice, help, love and passion.

Me: What are the challenges in 2018?


Svetlana shares she is going to organize workshops in Bulgaria, starting from Sofia, where people will be able to get professional makeup for different events, to learn how to do it by themselves. They will receive her new amazing book “Приказна“. These workshops are not only for people who are interested in makeup but for all which relax with something art, fresh and creative. For all who will enjoy painting time. For all who wants to raise up her creative potential.

Everyone who wants to join Svetlana’s workshops – there are organized in Sofia already – every Sunday! You can enjoy 3 hours of amazing time in her studio. She is going to work with really small groups and will be focused to give you as many details as you will be able to ask. Everyone gets her new book “Приказна” (“Fabulous”) and will go home with amazing makeup! 

Find Svetlana Arsova here:

Personal Facebook page

Official page

You can always call her: +359-896-659-246

Contact her if you want her new luxury book “Приказна” (“Fabulous”)! Amazing professional literature for all fans, creative gift for women and a pure adventure! 


Of course, all books will be sent with a personal autograph and personalized sentiment!

 Find more about her personality in the video of TVNBulgaria



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