Who is Grandma Marta?

Grandma (Baba in Bulgarian – „баба“) Marta is mystical character in the Bulgarian traditions. The Bulgarian legend says there was a grandma Marta long time ago. Penda (Пенда) went to her to ask for help. She was in love with a soldier Pijo (Пижо) and she wanted an amulet to protect him on the battlefield. Grandma said to Penda to plant a flower and to take care of it the whole winter. When the spring came, Baba Marta told to Penda to go out and search for her luck. Pendo was coming back from the war and the two lovers kissed each other with love.

On 1st of March all Bulgarians celebrate Baba Marta and they put in their houses one white Penda and one red Pigo. They made Pijo and Penda (Пижо и Пенда) from wool. All the Bulgarians give each other small woolen bracelets – white and red, for luck, love, health.

#наричане #babamarta #бабамарта #happybabamarta #честитабабамарта
Everybody gives “мартеница” to their friends and wish them luck and health!
#babamarta #бабамарта #1stofmarch #happybabamarta #честитабабамарта
White and red are the celebration colors.

The tradition is very old and no matter where on the map the Bulgarians live, we all celebrate Baba Marta.

#babamarta #бабамарта #happybabamarta #честитабабамарта #1stofmarch
Giving “мартеница” and love to your friends!

Happy Baba Marta!


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