On the trail of Baba Vanga. Tasting wine in Melnik. Rozhen monastery. SPA tour in Sandanski.

My exciting November tour in south-west Bulgaria was really nice and I strongly recommend it! What I actually have visited?


1. Rupite

I was traveling from my living city Sofia to Rupite. This is the region where the famous prophetess Baba Vanga has been living. People say the region is magical. It is under an inactive volcano. Baba Vanga’s life has changed here because of the energy around.

One day she falls into a storm. Really bad storm! After that storm, Baba Vanga is blind and starts seeing the energy of the people and their fortune. 

Many books describe her life and her sayings for the Bulgarian future, for Europe, for the World! Most of the recently happened worldwide events were predicted by her. For example the Muslim wave in Europe!

Baba Vanga is unique and she has helped many people to have better lives.

Baba Vanga words
Baba Vanga words

Being at her home, I expected to feel this strong energy! But I could only feel the sadness of the place. In fact, as a prophetess, Baba Vanga has had a really sad life. Can you imagine if you could know what will happen in your life! Everything! I think this is the worst curse.

Last words of Baba Vanga
Last words of Baba Vanga

In Rupite, the home of Baba Vanga, people are going to pray for health, for a better future, for help. It is a really magical place in fact. The belief of the people is everywhere!

2. Melnik

After spending about an hour and a half, the next destination is Melnik. Melnik is the smallest city in Bulgaria, famous for its wines and architecture. It the past, the city was one of the main trading centers. The trade was carried out with camels. Clothes, food, wine, spices and many more have been subjects of the active trade between Melnik and Europe. Today visiting the city can be a moment of pleasure. Wine tasting, good traditional food, and SPA are among the choices what to do in Melnik.

Kordopulov House
При Шестака


Bulgarian cellar
Bulgarian cellar at Kordopulov House

After tasting of wine and a walk around the city, our next destination is Rozhen Monastery.

3. Rozhen Monastery

One of the oldest in Bulgaria, nice green areas, wooden furniture, and calmness.

Rozhen Monastery
Rozhen Monastery
Rozhen Monastery
Rozhen Monastery

And the last stop – Sandanski!

4. Sandanski city

We used the chance to visit the city and to spend 2 amazing days in Pirin Park Hotel. The SPA during the cold months is my favorite entertainment. It brings health and tonus in your life! Check my review of the hotel.

Pirin Park Hotel review

Well, I hope this route will help you organize your next trip! Bulgarian beauty is everywhere and it totally deserves a try.

SPA in Pirin Park Hotel
SPA in Pirin Park Hotel

WINE + SPA + entertainments = FULL JOY of LIFE!

Stay on the road with me! Kisses!


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